Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

In humanities, we were in a simulation that involved trading and building. As a group, we had each person doing a different job so we can cover more things quickly. Our biggest accomplishment is that we had everything finishes except trading. Our weakness is that we didn’t start trading soon enough so we couldn’t get enough materials. If i could do this again, i would finish the language sooner then start trading.

History Watch 101: Episode- Mayan Civilisation🏠

This week in humanities, we worked on a project involving the history of Mayan civilization. We made a skit, news-themed in iMovie, filmed with a green screen. Then, we edited it, uploaded on Dragons tube, then here.

This project was challenging because people kept getting off task or people not cooperating. But we also have a lot of fun making this because if was a fun project,  and we get to work as a group doing something i like to do. I had a really good tim ein this unit and am looking forward for more fun units!

Human Communities Evolution ThingLink 📬

In humanities, we created a ThingLink on early human communities. It includes a timeline, two paragraphs, two infographics, two pages of citations, and four primary sources. First, we studied early humans, then we were introduced to ThingLink, and Noodletools which we used for our citation, along with other cited sources. We first started researching and taking notes, then we wrote our paragraphs, then our timeline, after that, we started our Primary sources, then finally, we did our infographics.

Design Challenges🔨

For Save The Penguins, thermal energy trav-eled through the house too fast and not so much was blocked out. Our redesign was worse than our original and lost more than control. I think that the felt and kept the heat in, and it absorbed the heat shining onto it, and then the heat was transferred to the entire building, which caused the ice to melt more.


For the Cup insulator, we noticed that the felt absorbed heat, so I considered that maybe the felt would keep the heat in too. we added cotton inside because in the thick winter blankets, cotton is put inside some blankets to keep the heat radiating from your body in, so it keeps you warm, so we added cotton to keep the heat radiating from the cup in. After we were finished, we decorated our Cup insulator with the theme of a unicorn. we then noticed that the cup wasn’t drinkable, so we cut a hole through the top so we can drink with a straw. For our redesign, we added foil in the inside because we saw people getting burned by the foil with hot water or hot glue on it, so if the hot cup was in contact, maybe the foil will turn hot and keep the cup warm too.


I am proud of the cup insulator because it did a good job protecting the warmth of the water instead of letting it all out. What i would do differently is the Penguin Project. I wouldn’t have added the felt on top because it absorbed heat, so it lost even more than control. The hardest thing about this project is teamwork when we had to work with our entire table with the Penguin Project.

Save the Penguins – Gods of Penguins

Q: We know how penguins are contributing to melting ice caps.  What are humans doing that affects the polar ice caps? Be specific and include details!

A: Well, what humans are doing that’s causing the ice caps to melt is Global Warming is one of the biggest issues we have right now. The temperature is too high, causing the ice caps to melt. That is also a problem for us because since the ice caps are melting, so the ocean levels are rising, covering the land we are living in. Global Warming is caused by burning fossil fuels. If we stop driving cars and things that burn on fossil fuels so much, there will be less Global Warming. Save the Penguins!

I am From A Shattered Heart and A Indigo Sea

This is my Where I’m From poem, we started by Ms.Shannon showing us a few examples, then we started making lists of people that is important to us, liked foods, etc. After that, we started writing our poem drafts, making it longer and better. Finally, we typed it up on Story Bird, then we screen shotted it, making it into a iMovie. We had to add music, remove the Ken Burns effect, and edit our voice overs. Last but not least, we uploaded it onto Dragon’s tube, then, of course, we uploaded it here!

I really liked creating my poem, and it made me see so many more important things in my life, recalling good and bad memories, and i found out that i am really good with personification, similies, and metaphors.

Designing our Savior

This project is about making a water purifier to we don’t die of thirst on a deserted island. We had to use materials provided or left behind on the island, for example, a empty plastic bottle, some scraps of clothing, and a few tin cans. We could also use materials like rocks, sand, and dirty water, since we are in a deserted island, there will be sand and rocks surely.

This is a collage with the answers to some questions, and a picture of our final product. I’m glad i won’t have to drink dirty water if i really were stranded on a deserted island! (^_^)


So far, i feel really happy and relieved about middle school. We didn’t have a lot of homework at the start of the school year, and we have more choice and freedom. We can choose our enrichments, not like elementary school where we had the go to all the classes with the same people. I feel excited about taking our laptops home during October, and i’m also looking forward to the many more months we have ahead of us.

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