Designing our Savior

This project is about making a water purifier to we don’t die of thirst on a deserted island. We had to use materials provided or left behind on the island, for example, a empty plastic bottle, some scraps of clothing, and a few tin cans. We could also use materials like rocks, sand, and dirty water, since we are in a deserted island, there will be sand and rocks surely.

This is a collage with the answers to some questions, and a picture of our final product. I’m glad i won’t have to drink dirty water if i really were stranded on a deserted island! (^_^)


So far, i feel really happy and relieved about middle school. We didn’t have a lot of homework at the start of the school year, and we have more choice and freedom. We can choose our enrichments, not like elementary school where we had the go to all the classes with the same people. I feel excited about taking our laptops home during October, and i’m also looking forward to the many more months we have ahead of us.

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