"kept your face towards the sunlight and the shadow will always fall behind you."-Walt Whitman

Day one simulation reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

Our activity humanities today were a simulation where you would compete to get the strongest civilization. During the activates I personally had the job of writing laws and helped out with sorting materials. As a group we divided it up to one-person trading, one or two writing laws, 2 building the temple and after getting the materials two would build the weapon while the others finish up the rest of what needed to be done. Our biggest accomplishment is making the weapon first. We were the first group to build a weapon. This helps us a lot since then we didn’t need to trade it was either give it to us or die. Then we could take over other civilizations. However, our weakness was probably the rules since it was the only one we didn’t fill out the entire sheet but still, we technically got everything done if we didn’t need to fill out all the spaces for laws. If I could do this activity again I would focus on not over complication the rules and just stick to the simple ones. This would be better so our entire group had a really strong civilization.

One day

I feel that one day is important because it reminds us of real life.  We have to choose what we want to do and face through challenges along the way.  During one day I created a lot of things. At the start, I wanted to only make a bag and a pencil case, however, it went way faster than I expected and I finished it within the 1st hour. I then went wild I started snipping the extra clothes I brought creating gloves, bags, decorating folders, making hats and it just went wild! One of my problems were figuring out how to close one of the bags. It had to open and close but I was running out of ideas. I scrabbled through my bag of old things and found  a pin. It might work for pining the 2 sides together.It wasn’t the best way but hey it works. I painted the pin gold and tried it on the bag and it worked. I really enjoyed One day.  


School survival kit

I saw these bags that were made from shirts on Pinterest which I thought were pretty cool. Then on Youtube, I found these videos making water bottles into Piggy banks, hanging decorations and weaving Plarn. I want to also make a water bottle holder that could maybe be inside the bag. My friend has a purse that looks like a Candy wrapper so maybe I could actually turn a wrapper into a purse. I want to make it out of plastic since you can’t get rid of it, I also like dream catchers. However, I’m really sure how it would come together and I’m still deciding what to make.  Then I thought that I could look around my house to get inspired. I found some spare binders and an accordion folder that I could make look better. I realized if I could combine the bag idea with the folders and purse I could make like a school survival kit.  I would make the stationery out of old notebooks, folders and more. A bag out of an old T-shirt that comes with a pocket inside made of my old purse. These are what I plan on doing for one day. I think I should first start off by making the bag. I want to spray dye the t-shirt a different colour and add a new design then turn the t-shirt into a bag. I want to do this by first spraying it black since it won’t be obvious if it’s dirty and maybe then use transparent paper to iron design on the shirt. while I’m waiting for the paint to dry I do the same with the purse, painting it then add a design. While they are both drying I want to work on the stationery by cutting foam and painting over it I could create a squishy which is a stress reliever. I could stick it on my accordion folder and make it look better and a stress reliever. Then, I’ll make the water folder and then the water bottle pencil case. By then the pain on the T-shirt should be dry so I would turn into a bag and add a design on it. I would then add the purse to my bag and then I’m done. I decided that I wasn’t going to paint the bag I was just going to add a design. After that, I kind of just winged it. I gathered my materials and just thought of an idea on the spot. I made a hat, a pencil case, a small bag, a pencil holder, and a pencil holder. I then decorated the folder and a small clipboard. I had to change my idea of making  stress reliever accordion folder because we didn’t have the materials to make a squishy so I just made it look better,

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Debate on living near a River

I think that it is better to live near the river, because the major civilizations were located there. If more of the “better civilizations” started there, it proves to me that it’s better to survive and thrive near rivers. Living near a river also gives you more choice to fuel your body. The water supply is closer making it easier to get to. Also, crops have better fertilizer making it another choice. To add on, animals that live in/near water/are drinking water would be closer to you and making it easier to hunt. Food and water supply are critical for a population, which states that this is one of the many reasons why it is better to live near the river.

While the other areas without rivers are carried away building tunnels, carrying water from one place to another. People that live near the rivers are doing other things. Such as art, music and other things that makes them happy. Other than that, they could make plans or inventions making them more successful than others. This leads me to state that people could be saying that floods are there. Well the people living near the river have time. They could build a dam while others are scavenging for water. Maybe invent more things to make life easier and better.

In conclusion I believe that living near a river is a better option than living further away.

Band blog practice

Deserted island’s dirty water challenge

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Literary Essay

           In the book eleven Rachel had to wear a raggedy old sweater that wasn’t hers. When Ms Price gave her the sweater Rachel said, ” Ummm… That’s not, not, not mine.” Of course  Ms.Price didn’t believe her with her small muttering voice. This shows that because Rachel didn’t stand up for herself enough, she had to wear the disgusting red sweater in front of her whole class.When Ms.Price found out the sweater wasn’t hers she acted like everything was okay, and Rachel still didn’t say anything  to stand up for herself.

Teamwork is even harder when it comes to standing up for yourself. You have to persuade your teammate when you are working together. Even though teamwork makes it harder for you to stand up for yourself; in the story The Race Todd did it. Brett and him was going to win the boat race, but behind them a little boy’s boat was sinking; Todd wanted to save him but Brett wanted to win. That’s when Todd spoke up for himself in a strong and clear way. Soon enough Brett agreed to him and they went to save the little boy.

Eleven and The Race both show that standing up for yourself will help you. Rachel ( In Eleven) had to wear the sweater that wasn’t hers and didn’t get her way like Todd. That is because Rachel didn’t stand up for herself enough on the other hand Todd did, by standing up for himself.

Standing up for yourself will help you like how Todd helped the little boy. He persuaded Brett unlike Rachel because he stood up for himself and got what he wanted. This is why standing up for yourself will help you.


Litary essay #1

Don’t give up instead, believe in yourself. When you’re not good at something, some people think you shouldn’t do it so you won’t embarrass yourself in front of everyone. When you’re not good at something you shouldn’t give up. You should practice it to become better. Imagine you’re taking a test on the thing you’re not good at, then you’ll have to do it. Instead of standing there in the test, embarrassing yourself, you can practice beforehand and actually do something nice up there. Like Lupe in the story The Marble Champ.

In the text Lupe was never good at any sports but was she was amazing at academics. She even said to herself, “I’ll never be good at any sports, I wish I could win something(In sports) anything even marbles!” This showed that Lupe isn’t confident in herself with sports, she even admits that herself. Lupe however, really wants to win something even when she said the word marbles. She decided she wasn’t going to give up and was going to win at something and that thing was marbles.

When Lupe was practicing marbles the narrator described her as: “her face was red, her palms were sweaty but she was not giving up she kept improving her thumb muscle,” Lupe eventually bet her brother in a game of marbles which means all her hard work was paying of. In other words, Lupe was determined to win something and didn’t give up, which made her better at the sports marbles.

At the end of the story Lupe won the Marble race. In the world many people do great things by not giving up and believing in themselves like Lupe. Trying to imagine a world without Disney is almost impossible yet there were times where he failed and picked himself up and tried again. Lupe didn’t give up too and achieved her goal of becoming The marble champ.


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