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I think that during this time, our group should first do our secret language, and not try to find what we need to use and try to draw it on the paper, because when it’s that time  some people are already gathering things and beginning to build their secret invention, and we are still trying to draw down things we need, So I think next time we have to do the secret language first, and trade next,  so that we are faster, and so we can “win”, and that’s my reflection for today.

Our Mayan Calendar Project

This is the humanities project about the Mayan Calendar.

Why Living Closer To The River Is Better

Why Living Closer To The River Is Better

Living closer to the river is better for you and there is a lot I will need to talk about, and here it starts. I have a lot of evidence to convince you to live closer to the river. The first reason is you can get water much easier, and water crops, because crops usually needs water everyday, also you can navigate, drink, fish, wash, cool down, cook, and travel if you lived close to a river.

For example, if there is a land animal attacking you, you can either hide under water, or travel to the other side of the river by preventing to be eaten by the animal, but if you aren’t living close to a river you only have one choice, and its hiding, so I suggest living closer to a river.

Also, if you live farther, you will have less benefits than living closer to the river.


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