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My Cranky Contraptions

My biggest success was to create the up and down part for the Baseball/bat Cranky Contraption

My biggest obstacle was trying to make the head and the stick in position

Skills that I developed; How to make an up and down Cranky Contraption.

Trip blog post

I learn the skill to start a fire, and how to use the flint and steel.

I learn that the other classmate steals stuff and says nothing about it.

The most challenging part of the trip was to try to stop my crazy cough.-THE COLD SHOWER and river’s fault.

I enjoyed the BBQ as my favorite part of the trip.

DO NOT go in the river because you might get sick from it and try to get and occupy space early before the other teams come.


今天的歌做和唱的很一般,没有均等参与。我应该是管放视频的,但是老师说我也得唱,所以就糟透了。后来我们至唱了一小段,没把整首歌唱完。 由于时间和不配合的关系,我们肯定拿地分。我觉得下次选歌的时候可以在低调一点,不要每个歌都得有大名鼎鼎的歌手唱的。还可以更简单一点,我们的歌是实在太复杂了。真的还不如哦一行三字的机器人歌哪。


Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

In humanities today, we did a simulation about ancient Mesopotamia

During the activity, I did most of the law writing part.

As a group, we divided the workload up by discussing who’s good at what so that it will be easier for each person since they have an advantage.

Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was staying alive without resources. We had only one or two things we could use, so we had to trade in order to gain more materials. But it was quite difficult because others also didn’t have materials, so basically it was just luck if you get the basket full of good/useful/tradeful materials.

Our weakest point as a civilization was luck, we had a minimum amount of luck.

If I could do this activity again, I would try to create the laws more specific and realistic. Also, try to have more luck next time.

Btw, our group members were; Me, Sayi, Sophia, Eloise


One Day Human Sized Tic Tac Toe Game

I decided to make this because it was fun and easy to make.

Some Inspiration/Idea links that I used:

Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe 2
Tic Tac Toe Videos


I did well on making the pieces.

I learned that foam is more durable than cardboard.

The hot-gluing part was a challenge to me, I solved it by gluing the pieces “S” ways.

I think One day is important because students could rest their brains and make/do stuff they like.

Jason Liao and I made this Human Sized Tik Tac Toe. Also, I made the pieces as triangles and “X”s, circles were too hard and take to much time to make.




Ancient Egypt Papyrus-Steven,Andrew and Wan Hin

In humanities,  Andrew, Wan hin and I were a group studying the Ancient Egypt Papyrus(Papyrus=Paper) Enjoy the Video!!!

Early Humans And Us Tools-Technology

This is my Early Humans And Us Tools-Technology thinglink project.

The Penguin Project and the Cup-Insulator project ( Save the Penguins )

This is our ( Me, Christian, Olivia,  Rachel’s ) Penguin Project.

The hardest thing about this project is the part when we have to create the penguin project. It was hard to make and the materials were limited, so we had some trouble with making.

I  proud of the measurements of the second test with our penguin project because the first one and the second had a major difference. That means we work really well on the second project.

I learned skills of hot-gluing and paper-crafting. I used to be really bad at hot-gluing but I improved my hot-gluing skills in this project.

A basic Reflection:

Day 1: We figured out what is Heat, Thermal Energy, Temperature.

Day 2: We did observations on different insulators and conductors.

Day 3: We made our first design on our Penguin Cup Design.

Day 4: We measured/test the first final

Day 5: We made corrections and added more to the design and measured/test the second final design.

Day 6: We wrote the CER ( Claim Evidence Reasoning ) for every day ( all above ). We wrote the procedures for testing the design ( Steps 4-5 ).

I Am From Nerf Guns and Baseballs

In Humanities , we made our personal ” I am from” Poem. First we brainstormed ideas and then shared it out with everybody. Then we made our final draft and then typed it on ” StoryBird”. Finally we recored the poem on ” Imovie” and the published it on dragons tube and ISB blog.


My Self Saving water purifier project

Andrew and made this purifier. The challenge was to make undrinkable water into drinkable water on a deserted island. It turned out pretty good and the”Dirty water” turned out to be “Clean water.”

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