"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" -Neil Armstrong

Cranky contraption from DESIGN

My biggest success was I can make the “fishing man”(fig 1) fast and good, able to spin properly.

My biggest obstacle is to let the wave move (fig 2) because of the stick always fall off to the side and stop working properly

One thing I’d like to change is to decorate the “fishing man”more pretty since it looks like a basic wing.

Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

This simulation is about Mesopotamia civilization, we were split into 5 groups. We were all competing to be the richest and strongest civilization, We had activities such as trading, lawmaking, language making, etc. I personally was a language creator, later on, I changed into a lawmaker. We divided the group based on our abilities and what we want to do, we have finished the dividing very quick. Our greatest accomplishments were to able to make the catapult quick. Our weakest point was we were way too kind, Slow motion: WE WERE WAY TO KIND, also we gave our competing group a free stick. Next time we would not give as many things for FREE, this would be better because we were tied up with another group.

Barstool finished

My biggest challenge making this barstool is to put screws in, it is my greatest challenge because the wooden board is kind of thin and the board is really hard, the screw break easily.

My greatest success was to be able to finish and able to stabilise the stool.

The next time I would want to try to not use hot glue, because it makes everything messy and doesn’t look good.


I designed simple and easy but useful barstool that a 6th grader like me could make in one. I am inspired by the school bar stool that I can’t reach, so I designed a barstool that is perfect for my small height. The barstool is a bit different from the one at school it has 2 sides closed and 2 sides with bars to let me step on;  I also added the bars to stabilize the stool. This chair is just designed for people that are short. If you are short, come and take a look at my design this Friday during the exhibition.

Humanities stop motion:)

We have made an awesome video of “The Indus Valley Civilization”. We also introduced the drainage system.

Early Humans and Us

This is what we have been working on this unit about early humans. We have compared and learned about early humans and modern human


Thermal energy is a kinetic energy that can transfer from an object to another object in forms of heat.

An insulator is an object that doesn’t transfer heat easily.

a conductor is an object that transfers heat easily.

I’m proud of the design of the cup because it has simple forms and works properly.

I would make the cap differently because it doesn’t fit well.

The hardest thing is to make the actual thing because it’s not as easy to control as paper.

Photo Credits: Emily Oh

Photo Credits: Emily Oh

I Am From My Family and Coffee

This is a poem about that I wrote about. We wrote about where we are from. It doesn’t just include places also about objects and people important for us. We used storybird to chose pictures and illustrations, then we used Imovie to record and add some music.

Surviving: Water

I have done this project about water purifiers. We can only use limited amount of supplies. And the picture below is my design. We have made this in the design tech lab.


Middle school is like surviving in the wild


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