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Mesopotamia Simulation Reflection

Mesopotamia Simulation Reflection



During this activity, I helped the writer, I brought new ideas when we were focusing on the laws and architecture. We could not have separated the jobs because the laws were hard to create so, we had to help the person who was creating the laws.


Our groups accomplished work as a group. We were cooperating with each other. We respected each other ideas. Our weakness was that we were working to slow and because of that we were unable to complete the top secret invention, This was because creating laws was hard. If we could have tried it again we would work faster, this would better because we would have finished a lot.



Rock Climbing

This me in front of the wall

This are our poster’s that we drew.

I am in my one day doing rock climbing poster’s. Today was awesome, We had so much fun climbing the rock. I was in the safety and technique group and we  created  poster’s about it with using our ISB design cycle. We had about six people in our group, we all separated our jobs and each drew a part of the poster. I chose rock climbing because I want to try it before but i never got the chance, so I thought it would be good if I try this one day.
What I learned from this one day?
From this one day I learned new words used in rock climbing. New words like: Harness, carabiner.
What did I do well?
I did well in the challenging walls like the chimney.
What challenges did I face?
After the half of the chimney it challenging and didn’t overcome it.
Why is one day important?
I think one day is important because it helps you learn new things.

This is me climbing the wall.

Ancient Egypt Skit

My project is about  Ancient Egypt. It’s about the G.R.A.P.E.S, Geography, Religion, Politics, Economics and society. We have three people in our group Steve, Alex and me.

The River Argument

I personally think we should live next water, I agree that it is hard to build houses in wet soil but it’s good for the crops and we have better water supplies then the people live far away from the river. It’s fine if animals eat our corps but we still have water to survive unlike the people who live far from the river where it’s not fine when animals eat their crops because they don’t have that much water as we do. They have less chances they are going live longer than us because they have that much water supply as we do so they walk miles to get water and they are probably going get a concussion which is bad. The people who live far from the river they have less chance of navigating in a boat and fishing. That is not okay because you need protein which we can find in fish and we navigate because if the winter is coming, they will all die, while the people who live near the river, they cloud just go to nice hot summer place with a boat. We also have water to bath, cool down (relax in the water).  

Importance of River Valleys

water + civilization

Early humans and us!

This is my Humanities project about Early humans and modern humans, how humans communicate/communicated in communities!

‘Penguin Project’ the cup insulator!

 I am proud of myself because I made my cup insulator more cleaner by attaching duck tape. 
We would add thicker layer of wood on the bottom because if it is a thin layer it will break 
easily which we don't want happen. If the layer breaks then there won't be a protector which
makes it harder to prevent it from falling and breaking.I would say it is a good quality and 
I would rate it 7-8 because the top and the sides have 4 layers which is good but the bottom
we need to add thicker layer of wood. The new skills I learned were using well-crow like 
attaching them and learning more unique ways to use tin foil. If we wanted to do something 
different we should have put aluminium foil instead of tin foil because it stores more 
heat then tin foil.    


Reflection for science project



This is our model of our water purifier . we wanted to show how a water purifier looks in a island with plastic waste and and full of trees.  There is  piece of wood  in rectangle shape to hold the structure still. There is a fabric to stop the sand and  salt so the n the water clean. But to  make sure we boiled the water so it more purified more.



It’s because I Can do more than i want too.


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