One Day Rock Climbing

In One Day, we did Rock climbing. In rock climbing, we climbed rocks. we practiced climbing rocks and learn type of climbing. I f was very fun and it was very refreshing.



We also made posters about tools and skills and rules about rock climbing and that was fun too.

Primary source about Early human and Modern Human By: Thomas Park

My ThingLink is about Primary source about Early humans and modern humans.


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Making the cup warm


Name of the cup:  Clean Black

  1. We are proud of making so clean unlike others and make successfully.
  2. I would like to make the cap differently because wood’s edge is very sharp and more cleaner.
  3. My quality of cup looks clean and accurate measurement.

This is our final product, it is a cup insulator. It prevent the heat loss, so help to drink hot beverage or water longer. This prototype has three layers. One layer is made out of aluminium foil, second layer is made out of felt, and  last layer is made of black paper. Black paper helps to absorb the heat, and aluminium foil helps to reflect heat that comes to the cup. Lastly, felt helps to absorb the heat, too.

My automata


One think I like to change is I want to change cardboard to wood to stay it self.

Skills that I learned or developed were drilling and I love it

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is put more details like make the soccer player name on the card board

sports that are awesome

playing soccer with plastic bottle


playing handball in the room

I Am From

I used story bird to publish my poem called I Am From.

Please enjoy:)

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