''Imagination is more important then knowledge.''-Albert Einstein


上次课吴老师让我们在流行歌曲旋律的基础上用漫漫求水路中的歌词自己改编。我们组的表演差强人意,很多处大家都没有一起唱。所以我认为下次大家可以协商后再统一进行表演。这次我们组写歌词的部分我参加的没那么多, 这里跟大家表示歉意。不过现在已经协商好了旋律, 所以下次上课就可以直接展示了。

One Day

The One Day group I chose is writers’ workshop. I chose it because I want to be a writer or a movie director in the future, so I want to practice my writing skills now.  The challenge I faced is that sometimes I don’t know what to write about, and that leaves me an entire blank page to stare at. I like writers’ workshop because first, I normally wouldn’t have time for writing the entire day, but now, I could write for the entire day. Second, I could write whatever genre I like. No matter Sci-fi, or Realistic Fiction, or Fantasy. For today, I learnt how a writer will spend their day. I like it this way, I think it’s very different and fun.

Ancient Civilization

During Humanities class this week, our Humanities teacher Ms.Shannon let us choose an ancient civilization that we would be studying and making a little film about. This is a film about the Mayan’s and their stories.

Early Humans and Us: Communities

This is the project we’re doing during Humanities. I added many information of early humans and modern humans.

Thermal Energy Projects

From these projects, I learned how to use conductor to keep the object warm, but at the same time, the insulator keeps the mug or the object that holds the thing easy to hold.

Our name for penguin project is ‘Golden state penguins’. From the penguin project, I learned how to keep the penguins warm.Our design is made of foil, hot glue, and bubble wraps.I find that the foil keeps the object inside it warm, hot glue helps to connect the foil papers. We also get to see how the materials effect the ice cubes.This is our prototype.

The cup insulator challenge helped me to understand what is a cup insulator for.Also I learned what kind of materials can keep the heat, and what can not.On top of that, I learned what kind of materials can keep the heat from it, which we choose to use so it’s easy to hold. The thing I would try differently is that I should have connected the lid and the insulator.So , preventing heat loss, we added the third layer.The hardest thing about doing the project is when we are measuring the temperature, we need to open the lid and measure, and that will leave a giant hole to the mug, and that causes heat loss, so next time we can make a hole for the lid. The new skill I learned is how to organise my data.This is our prototype.

I’m from mom’s warm hugs and dad’s movie times

This is the project that we’re doing during humanities class.


Cleaning dirty water

This is the reflection of a water cleaner used to clean dirty water.

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