Egypt mummification (Humanities project)

One day @Hutong Cooking

We decided as a table group that we were going to do Yunnan A Menu but then we voted as a whole group and the highest votes were Sichuan B so we are cooking the Sichuan B menu that includes Chicken Shredded salad, Cauliflower and bacon, and beef. We are also going to be doing a tea ceremony. For the tea ceremony, we are also going to design tea packages. .

The BlackBall Cup Insulator

Our insulator works because the black felt keeps the heat inside the insulator, so the liquid will stay warm. The bottom part of the insulator has two layers, one is cardboard and the other one is black felt. For the top of the insulator it has 4 layers, two metals, one black felt, and the other cardboard. The black felt and many layers, (cotton, cardboard, metal, etc.) and those layers keep the thermal energy inside the cup.
What are you proud of?- I am proud of our sewing, because we sewed the cotton and black fluffy wool inside two layers of black felt.
What would you do differently?- We would switch the velcro side, because it could hurt our hands, because of the scratchy side.
What are new skills you learned in this project?- We learned to draw the model first before we made it, and to choose what to make it out of and plan it out, then make it. We switched some design because there were some problems, but our insulator turned out okay.

My I am from poem


This is my I am from poem for 6 grade Humanities

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