"Imagination is more important than knowledge" -Albert Einstein

Today in Humanities we have done an “Ancient Mesopotamia Simulation” where we have to build up a civilization combined with factors of the process of building Mesopotamia, for example, one of the factors needed to build a civilization is trading, trading helps civilizations get what they needed or lacked, or sometimes they don’t get what we needed maybe because of the lack of resources we trade for. Some groups today didn’t make it or “win” this game, either because of their geographical location or because of the cooperation and communication of the team. However, our team made it to a really close point from winning because we have great cooperation with each other and that is what I think our team mostly had done well, each person in our team gets a job to do to make our progress go faster. For me, I am in charge of designing a temple or an architecture that is suitable or the requirements are written on the “architecture” instructions, I did a great job at really thinking outside of the box and trying my best, of course, my design is approved. Though what we did not do well is actually making the catapult, this is the point where our cooperation has fallen apart. What we should do is listen to each other and cooperate.

Biomimicry on Oneday!

This is what I just did at 9 o’clock, I have finished the presentation and decided to do a voice recording.

I am starting to make an iMovie at around 10:00.

This is what I did at 10:40, I finished putting all the things in iMovie

AT 1:00, I already finished my video except for the editing and transitions.


This is the final movie I made during One day about Biomimicry. I feel very proud of this work I did about Biomimicry, I think that I did very well at speaking, but I think I need to improve more on the animations, I should make this more interesting not just adding pictures. Overall, I did a better job than I did last time trying to make an iMovie.




Reflection of Early Humans and Modern Humans’ project.

In Humanities we studied early humans, I learned about diet so I published paragraphs, timelines, and infographics, we also did some research about what modern humans eat and what it includes, I learned a lot of things this years about how humans’ community and technology influenced the amount and what they eat to influences how they develop and what they develop.

Thermal Energy (Heat Transfer)

In the thermal energy and heat transfer unit, we made two projects. The first one is to save the penguins from Global warming and we have to make/create a shelter that protects the penguins from global warming with our table group (Eloise, Tiger, Brenda). We used mylar as the walls and the roof of the shelter, we added foam sheet below the mylar box and a styrofoam at the very bottom to prevent the shelter form absorbing the heat to prevent the penguin from absorbing the shelter’s heat.

“The penguin shelter”

The Storyboard

For the walls and the roof for the shelter, we chose mylar instead of foil, we found out the mylar reduces heat transfer better the foil from the heat lamp testing.






Another project is the mug project. The purpose of the mug project is to design a mug that keeps the hot water warm. The design has to be removable, the design has to keep the hot water warm, and make sure that it looks pretty nice too. Me tiger and Wan Hin designed a mug with 3 layers, the first layer we added Mylar, the second layer we added felt and also felt for the third layer. These three layers helped to keep the heat inside the cup, attached to the first layer, mylar, velcro, the velcro makes the insulator removable. The wooden cap keeps the cold air out of the cup.


  • I do have a creative name ( Thermal Energy)
  • I have three pictures, a picture of our storyboard, a picture of our penguin shelter and a picture of our mug.1
  • I am very proud of the mug design, we did it a very good job on designing the layers of the mug.
  • We should do better on designing ur storyboard, I think we should make it neater and easier to read.
  • knowing if this material is suitable for this situation or not.
  • “wow, this is cool.”
  • I learned how to test different materials and how to be a better designer
  • used “Thermal energy for the title
  • check
  • 10 points

I am from the mind of complexity poem

This poem is about me and where I’m from, not only about where I was born, but the environment I live around, what I really like about different things, this is what we did in humanities.

“H20 4000”

In science class. My partner Alex and I were making dirty water filtilizer, we named it H20 4000. There is one level that make that bigger piece of gravel satay and the other level makes some smaller sand stay. I really like it because it is different from the others’ designs. The water can out pretty clean too.


As Big as The Universe

Middle school changes, just like the universe does. Middle school was big, wonderful and have so many things to learn, explore and create, just like the universe. Middle school is just like the universe.


Hello world!

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