Gender Inequality Article

This is my gender inequality article.


Gender Inequality (pdf)


Amazing Cozy Cup Snuggler

How My Cup Insulator works:

The first layer of my Cozy Cup Insulator plastic styrofoam wrap wich keeps heat in very well, the second layer of my insulator is cotton wich helps prevent heat transfer, the third layer of my cup insulator is aluminum foil wich helps lower the amount of heat lost by conduction my last layer is leather wich really helps keep hot air in and cold air out.  And last of all I decorated my cup insulator by covering it over with crocheted yarn. ( credits; Arissa)   And thats how my cup insulator prevents heat lose.




Plastic Styrofoam wrap

Cotton Stuffing

Yarn ( Crocheted)

Aluminum Foil


White Felt




The thing that I’m most proud of is the fact that I spent a lot of time making a prototype that someone could actually use, and I really enjoyed working with all the choices of material and of course with my partner Arissa.  One thing that I would probably do different if I could do this project again would be to manage my time better,  although  I had a stunning prototype that was engineered to perfection I did not get time to test my prototype wich was really disappointing. One thing that I found was really difficult was ataching the leather to the  plastic styrofoam wrap, I tried using tape but the tape just kept falling of.  Maybe next time I can sew it on. But over all I really liked this project and I am proud of what I made.


My Process  Planning sheet

1983 International World Fair, CRANKY CONTRAPTION

MY first cranky contraption from design class.

A skill that I developed is using the hot glue guns and figuring out ways to connect the spokes of my ferris wheel the outer ring.  I think learned that hot glue is useful but it is not good to rush while using hot glue or you might burn yourself or mess up and use toooo much hot glue like I did.

My biggest obstacle was connecting the spokes of the ferris wheel to the outer ring, but when I finally got one atached the rest became much easer. my other challenge that I faced was the uncoprative  weight of the ferris wheel that would always pull down the whole thing you can see in the picture that it’s a little lopsided.

If I could do this again I would use less hot glue and spend more time  making the ferris wheel nicer looking, and make the foam the connects the ferris wheel and the stand stronger. I would make my thing more precise and spend less time pondering how to connect one thing to the other rather than to just test it.

British vs Russian/german

“Ooh, can we show you are little skit?” I asked Ms. Mo excitedly.

“Sure,” she replied

” Ready?” I ask Arissa nervously. She nods.

“Thhiss Is Suucha Suucha big laaand!” I overly exaggerated in the best Russian accent I could manage,

Arissa replies, with the most fabulous British accent ever,” Now, now, that is very rude, if you want this land you must say it is beautiful for that is only proper!”

” Thiss Is Suucha Suucha Sucha big Laand!” I repeat then come up with…” Annd I drrrrrink Vodka” ( this is a joke.)

” That again is not proper so you shall not have this land!” Arissa finishes.

“Wow that was stunning, nice job girls!” Ms. Mo complements us.

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