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Cranky Contraption Reflection

My biggest success was successfully making my cranky contraption go up and down because at the beginning the wire would always fall out whenever I cranked the crank, so once I fixed the problem I was very proud of myself.

My biggest obstacle was for me was trying to make the cotton ball cloud as a design for my contraption. To make the cloud I had to hot glue the cotton balls to each other, but after I stuck the cloud to the cranky contraption it would just fall off after I cranked the crank. To fix this problem I decided to split the cloud into two pieces and put them on the sides of the wire so it wouldn’t interfere with the wires.

Skills that I learned or developed were:

– How to saw wood safely

– How to bend wire and learn the different types of wire

– Hot gluing different materials safely

– Using the drill for materials such as wood

Overall, I think this product was successful because not only does it work, but the design also matches my client because she loves the moon and galaxy colors. So I am quite happy overall with my cranky contraption.

Makers Wood Shop Enrichment Reflection

During the Makers wood shop our last assignment was free choice, so we could chose what we wanted to make, I chose to make a box/book shelf holder. Other assignments we had in this enerichment were to create a frame for a photo, and to create a desk caddy.

One thing Iā€™m proud about is my split painting. On the box I used masking tape to make a diagonal line, Ā this was quite difficult as well since sometimes the paint smudged ruining the straight line.

When creating this project using correct measurements was slightly difficult, but not really since this was our third assignment so I gained some experience with using accurate measurements.

If I could do something differently, I would add more painting details. But, in this enrichment I didnā€™t exactly have enough time to add more details.

Day One Simulation Reflection

Today in humanities class we did an activity in which we had to create Laws, trade with other civilizations, write a language etc. So, we first had to create a written language to trade your surplus with other civilizations to create our top-secret invention.

During the activity, I personally did a bit of trading and a bit of writing the laws with my group. As a group we divided the workload up by having us as a group first decide what our symbols for the language would be, then we went to the trading circle where we traded a few of our items with the other groups and while a few other group members traded some others worked to add more laws. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was getting all our items for our architecture blueprint since it took a while and most of the other groups were still trying to get the resources. Our weakest point as a civilization was when we werenā€™t working efficiently in the beginning when making our language and finished a bit late to trade. If I could do this activity again, I would change the amount of tape we traded from the other group since we didnā€™t realize that we would need much more for our structure, this mistake lost a lot of time for us, and if we were to get more tape we maybe couldā€™ve finished our structure before the simulation ended.

One Day Just Dance

Define and Inquire:

For Just dance, my idea is to choreograph a dance with Lyrical and contemporary techniques using a song called Take me home, I want toĀ createĀ this dance with things I learned in dance class outside of school. I chose to create this dance because it’s a style I’m familiar with. Watching dancers on youtube doing incredible turns and leg holds inspired me to create my dance with some new steps to challenge myself more.

Develop and Plan:

Currently, my dance is not very good. I think I need to rememberĀ my steps more clearly since in this video I was making up some of theĀ steps. Before our tech rehearsal and the performance, I want to keep practicing and tidying up my dance to make sure it is neat enough. I’m also going to change some moves in my dance since some of them don’t match my music.


On one day I spent my day in the black box practicing and preparing for our exhibition performance on Friday. During the tech rehearsal, one thing I felt I did well was my confidence becauseĀ I was able to perform by myself. During one day I was able to gain more confidence and gain more independence. I think one day is important because it allows students to go out of there comfort zone with something they enjoy and are passionate about it.

Here is a video of me in rehearsal ( It’s very bad):

Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics Video

In humanities, we were supposed to make a video to show our understanding of ancient Egypt hieroglyphics. Here is our video scribe that we made during humanities. Hope you enjoy.

Pros and Cons of living nearby Water

In Humanities class we learned about the beginningĀ of agriculture of early humans, we learned about how there are advantages and disadvantages to living near water. Here’s a paragraph on my opinion:

I would live close to the water. Water is a necessity to all humans, early humans used water to cook, cool down, wash, navigate, fish, travel etc. (Water + Civilization 2010) Living by water offers many advantages, for example, soil near rivers are often more fertile which makes it easier to farm crops. So, your harvest may increase, and you may be able to start your own surplus. Another advantage is that you will always have easy access to transportation.Ā Although thereĀ areĀ many advantages to livingĀ nearbyĀ water there are still many disadvantages, one being that there are many bugs and insects which can spreadĀ infectiousĀ diseases.Ā ButĀ I feel living near water overweighs thisĀ disadvantage. This is because, if you leave far away from the water it will be harder to hunt, access water, and farm which creates lots of challenges in your daily life. My final piece of evidence that shows early humans made the right decision living nearby water is that water was the main reasons civilizations developed and came together, so it is questionableĀ whetherĀ civilization might have occurred at all. (Importance of river valleys, 2013, 2008)Ā 

Early and Modern Humans Diet Thinglink

Conductors and Insulators with Thermal energy


Penguin Dwelling

It was probably choosing how we were going to distribute our money among the materials we were using, to make sure we spent our money wisely.Ā If we could do another prototype, I would try to put less masking tape on the dwelling since it covered a lotĀ of the mylar, therefore reducing the heat reflecting off the dwelling. I learned new things that go into place when trying to reduce the intake of thermal energy, learning about reflection, absorption, and transmission helped a lot when deciding what materials to buy. Also learning about conduction, convection, and radiation helped with how our group was going to design the penguin dwelling.

Cup Insulator

One thing I’m proud of in our cup is our design because it is quite functionalĀ and easy to use. If we could redo ourĀ cup insulator I would try to find something to substitute for the velcro we used since it didn’t look aesthetically pleasing. During the process of making the cup, one thing I found really difficult was choosing what material to use. This was difficult because there was a large variety of materials we could choose from.


Humanities Poem

This is what we have been working on in Humanities to express ourselves through a poem, my poem is called Joy with the wind blowing my face

Designing Water purifiers

Click this link to view our design YukiLyla

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