Day One Simulation Reflection

Day One Simulation Reflection

During the activity, I personally wrote the crimes and the punishments or the trading but the most I did was trading . As a group, we divided the work load up to two people doing it together but were still a group. We divided the group so then there is two people doing trading and two people doing the punishments and the crime.

Our biggest accomplishment as a civilisation was the trading because we were the second group to finish the trading and starting to make the bomb or something. Our weakest point as a civilisation was that we can’t think of more crimes the other thing was that when we were trading and when we needed tape they asked us how much and we said only 15 cm but we needed more than that.. If I could do this activity again, I would change the tapes size about twenty five or thirty cm.



I think people should live by the water because if you live by the water you could catch wild animals because animals also need to drink water so then animals also came to the river and drink wile the animals drinking or eating you could kill it. other thing good about living by the river is that you can get water closer. 3rd reason that you should live by the river is that there could be fish, and you can travel around not walking but short cut to go to farming or hunting. if you live by the river you can also plant plants.

so everybody who lives far away from the river should come and live by the river.

Acient egypt

In humanities , we were supose to make a video about what we learned. we used video scribe to do it.

early human project

this is about early humans and modern humans food
we use infographic, timeline, and and a paragraph.
the paragraph is about whats mcdonalds history is

Science Penguin Project

Penguin project for melting ice


the first picture is our penguin project! this was a group of four table groups. I was proud when we put glue gus on the side so the striped made it colder, so then it prevents heat loss. if i could do it again i would put more glue gun to the sides so then its colder.the hardest thing about the project is when we had to collaborate a do it together, because 1 of our teammate did all the work he didn’t want us to break it or think of other ideas and make it the other way around so he did all the work.

the second picture is our story board. we wrote about the penguin project we wrote the CER and a chart for the design and the redesign. it was most difficult when we had to draw the module and write how mush is each side and we had to write the CER. Im proud of when we collaborated on this project on the writing. if i could do it differently i would make it more colourfully so then they could see it right up.


this is made by my partner (Hannah) and me.

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