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Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

In humanities, we had to create a simulation that included: laws, architecture, written language, trade, and a top-secret invention. We got three different envelopes. The first envelope that we opened had a few papers that we had to complete, like laws, language, symbols for trading, or a temple building sheet. The second envelope contained all the resources our group had, and we had to trade for the rest, which was on the front of the last envelope. On the front of the last envelope, it told us all the materials we needed in order to open the envelope. So, we had to go trade for the materials we didn’t have so that we could open the envelope which contained a top-secret invention blueprint.


During this activity, I wrote part of the laws and punishments, I drew the trading symbols, and I also went to trade for the resources that we didn’t have. Our group split up our jobs by having everybody do the same thing, but we found out that it didn’t work really well because we were always arguing so in the end, the boys kept on writing down the laws and I went to do the other stuff. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was having almost all the materials and laws done, and that we worked together on the laws. Our weakest point as a civilization was that we couldn’t collaborate as well and we didn’t figure out how to do the jobs faster so that we could have not always been doing the same thing together and kind of wasting our time. If our group could do this activity again, I would like to have our group choose to not all work on the same thing but to have each of us do different jobs, because this time, when I went to the trading circle, nobody was there, because the time where everybody was trading was already over, that way, we didn’t get enough materials to start building our top secret invention.



One Day Top Chef

I chose to do top chef for one day because I wanted to cook and try something that I made on my own, I also really like cooking or baking and I try to do as much of it as I can.

First, before we started cooking, we were asked to choose a bag, and whatever was in that bag would be our mystery ingredient. We had to add our mystery ingredient to at least one dish of ours, either the appetizer, the main dish, or the dessert. When our group opened our bag, we found out that our mystery ingredient was spinach. So we decided to add our spinach into our mushroom soup.

Our group chose to make mushroom soup as our appetizer, this is because the four of us all want to try and make mushroom soup. A challenge was that we didn’t bring anything at all to use as decorations. So we just basically ended up with four bowls of mushroom soup while other appetizers had more decoration.


For our main dish, we chose to make spaghetti carbonara, because we thought it would match mushroom soup quite well and that it
would taste good. A problem we had with this was that we did decorate our dish, but the other main dishes were way more decorated, and we knew that we wouldn’t win on presentation. We also didn’t have anything that was really creative about our pasta because we weren’t able to think of anything that would make our dish especially creative.

Lava cake was chosen by our group to be the dessert, we all agreed on this because we thought it would be really good and yummy. One of our troubles would be that, including our group, there were 4 groups in total that were planning on making lava cake. The second problem we had was that the lava cake didn’t turn out with the lava part in the middle of it, but instead, it was more like a normal chocolate cupcake. Another one of our problems is that we didn’t know how we could decorate the cake since we didn’t bring anything to decorate the cake with. Since we couldn’t make the presentation really nice, we decided to put two cakes as the eyes and a line of apple jam for the mouth of the face. We also made a sunflower, using the cake, apple jam, and spinach, which was our mystery ingredient. So, we put the cake in the middle of the plate and surrounded the cake with apple jam to be the flower petals, then, as the stem of the sunflower, we put the spinach.

During one day in top chef, I learned that collaboration is actually really important and that if you all collaborate and have the same good ideas, then you would actually be really proud of the result.

Ancient China Kites Video

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People Should Live Near Water

I would rather live near the water rather than to live further away from the water for various reasons. I personally think that to live near the water gives you way more advantages than for you to live further away from the water. One of the biggest advantages would probably be that you can go to the water and get water while if you lived further away from the water you would have to walk and longer distance to get to the water. Another reason for what I think is that if there happens to be a fire, you have access to water faster than if you lived further away, therefore you would be able to use the water of the river to put out your fire. Another advantage of living near the water would be that there would be another food source, you would be able to fish, whereas if you lived very far from the water, fishing would either not be a very reliable food source, or it wouldn’t be counted as a food source seeing as how far you are from the water. The last reason I think it would be better to live near water would be that water could also be used to wash clothes, and if you lived further away you would have to walk a long distance for basic daily necessities. In conclusion, I think people should live closer to the river because of all of the advantages there are.

Early Humans and Us Thinglink Technology project

This is my 6th grade Early Humans and Us thinglink technology project.

Cup Insulator And Penguin Dwelling Design

Something that I am proud of is that for our cup insulator, on our redesign, the temperature lost was less than our first design. Something that I would do differently would probably be to add some cotton on the inside of the wool to prevent heat loss. The hardest thing about this project would be trying to figure out how we can improve our design on our redesign to make the cup insulator a better insulator.                                                                                                         

The Water Filterer

Engineering is building things that help our human life, and making it better.

We used cotton buds, steel wool, cloth, plastic bottles, and rubber bands.

The challenge for our group was that our hole was too big, and that caused our water to not filter as much, because the unfiltered water went too fast.

(This picture is kind of blurry, so I typed the information again.)

The steel wool blocked the sand and rocks, and the layers of cloth took care of the smaller particles. And the cotton buds should have sucked away some of the unfiltered water.

How I Feel About Blogs



I feel really good about blogs, because I have used it last year and I know how it works.

Literary Essay #2

I think even the smallest thing can make a person very happy. In the story “Slower Than the Rest,” the main character finds a small turtle and this turtle makes him happier than ever.

At the start of the story, Leo, the main character, spots a turtle and names it Charlie. Charlie becomes Leo’s best friend. Leo was slower than the other kids at everything, but Charlie took care of Leo’s happiness. For example, Charlie was very friendly and stuck his head out or runs very fast, not in a speed turtles usually use. This shows how even though Charlie is very tiny, he can make Leo very happy.

Later in the story, Leo starts going home every day to talk to Charlie about everything that is happening, but Charlie always makes Leo’s difficulties go away. As an example, Charlie’s front and back legs move frantically as if he were swimming even if all that was happening was that someone was holding him in midair. This tells us that even if Charlie isn’t very big, he can make Leo very happy.

Near the end of the story, Leo brings Charlie to school during the Prevent Forest Fires week. Leo had to make a presentation, and his presentation was about turtles in forest fires. Leo’s presentation made all the students love turtles and hate forest fires. For instance, the teacher was crying throughout the presentation. This helps us know that you don’t need to be very big to make someone very happy.

This shows how small things can actually make a person very happy.

Literary Essay #3

I don’t think Shirley liked being alone. In the book “In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson,”Shirley, a Chinese girl, moves to America. She entered fifth grade, but Shirley doesn’t even speak english, and she doesn’t act like the other kids at school. Because of this, the other kids didn’t want to be friends with Shirley and she was left very lonely.

At first, when Shirley joined fifth grade, her classmates warmly welcomed her. But afterwards, her classmates forgot all about her and she became very lonely. For example, when a new kid that looks Chinese arrives at Shirley’s school, Shirley is very exited and hopes that they can be friends. She goes and introduces herself to the new kid in Chinese, but she soon finds out that the new kid isn’t Chinese. This made Shirley very disappointed and sad. This shows just how much Shirley wants to have friends instead of being lonely.

Later in the story, Emily Levy was introduced to the class as the new student. Shirley knew straight away that they would be friends. Emily was the only girl in the class other than Shirley wearing two long braids. Shirley became especially friendly to Emily. For instance, during lunch, Shirley showed Emily where to buy the tickets, told her which of the counter ladies gave generous portions, and what she should or shouldn’t eat. This tells us that Shirley wants to be like the other kids and have friends, and that she doesn’t want to be lonely like she was before.

Close to the end of the story, Emily asks Shirley to keep a secret for her, and Shirley agreed because she really didn’t want to ruin this newly made friendship with Emily. In fact, Shirley was so eager to keep this friendship that she says the word “death” while she was swearing to keep the secret, and her grandmother had always forbidden her from saying that word. This shows how Shirley really disliked being lonely, and how Shirley desperatley wanted to have friends instead of being so lonely.

As you can see, Shirley really didn’t like being alone, and she was probably much happier when Emily became her friend.

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