"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Cranky contraption

-My biggest obstacle was:

1. Cutting the main part.

2. Bending the wire.

-Skills that I learned or developed were:

1. How to use jig-saw

-One thing I’d like to change is:

1. Change the color of my main part (the wood)


To make the tiles, I first picked the plastics. I wanted to be blueish green with white, so I mixed blue, white, and green. After choosing 3 colors, I also chose a mold. I wanted my tiles to be hexagon shape, so I chose hexagon shaped tiles. Next, I sprayed the baking spray to not make the plastic stick on the mold. After, I put the mold into the oven and waited for about 30-40 minutes. After 30-40 minutes, I took my mold out of the oven and used sharp tools to get the plastic out of the mold. I repeated that steps for 4 times to make 4 tiles. When I finished making 4 tiles, I used hot glue gun to stick them together.


I am really proud that I made 4 tiles, because we didn’t have enough ovens and mold, I still made 4 tiles.

Precious Plastics -Kelly

I decided to make tiles, and a keyring.

The reason why I chose to make keyring is because I searched up keyring on Google and saw a really cool shaped key ring, so I decided it will look really good when I make it. Also, it’s for my sister.

I decided to make tiles because when I searched Precious Plastics on Google, I saw someone make a lot of tiles and use glue-guns to stick them together and hang it in the bedroom. I thought it looked really cool if I make them and hang it in my room.

                                                           PHOTO OF KEYRING .


Early Humans Food


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