Dry and Dodgy Tomorrow

June 11, 2018

Here is a message from the ESPE Department:
We are super excited for Dry and Dodgy tomorrow.  Here are a reminder of the times:
Grade 3 8:40-10:10 (Teachers vs Students at 9:50am)
Grade 4 10:55-12:25 (Teachers vs Students at 12:05pm)
Grade 5 1:10- 2:40 (Teachers vs Students at 2:20pm)

Please try to make sure your class are in Gym 1 on time. Students should wear comfortable athletic clothing (they do not have to wear their PE kits), or if they would like to come up with team colors/uniform that is also okay.

At the last minute 3-AC decided on wearing black tomorrow for Dry and Dodgy.
Hope you can make it!

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