os_x_el_capitan_roundupHere’s the information that ran in the High School Announcements a couple of weeks ago.

The ICT Office has given us the go ahead to upgrade to Apple’s latest operating system–El Capitan. With El Capitan, Apple made some under the hood changes that make it important for us to upgrade. The upgrade takes about 45 minutes once the files have been downloaded to your computer. Downloading the files can take several hours depending on the speed of you internet connection so here are my recommendations for upgrading.

Option One (Preferred Method)

Get the software upgrade from the ICT Office or the Apple Kiosk. Here’s how it works. The technicians have the upgrade on USB drives. Copy the files to your laptop. (It takes about three minutes.) Later, when you don’t need to use your laptop for about 45 minutes run the installer.

Option Two

In the evening once you’re a finished your work for the night and you are tired of watching cat videos on your favourite video site, launch the App Store app on your Mac. Choose Updates and follow the prompts to upgrade to El Capitan.


  • Though the upgrade should not effect files on your laptop it’s always recommended to have an up-to-date backup of your laptop before you upgrade.
  • After any system upgrade there will be other software that needs updating. How many files need updating will depend on how up-to-date you have been keeping your Mac. After upgrading to El Capitan run the App Store app and Microsoft’s AutoUpdate to make sure your software is all up-to-date.