Most of us have used Powerpoint for a long time, but using the animation features to create a video, may not be Powerpoint skills you have (neither did we, until recently!)

Here is a great way to make an animated typography (also referred to as kinetic typography) video to present information.

Here is a great tutorial to get you started, but then use your own creativity to share your content in style.

Just don’t forget to apply the elements of design when you create.

For the Grade 6 Kinetic Poetry Project, follow these steps:

  1. Open Powerpoint (Desktop Version)
  2. Create a simple presentation with a solid background
  3. Create a few blank slides
  4. Choose the main font style you want to use.
  5. Copy and paste poem through separate text boxes on different slides
  6. Resize/move text and animate text boxes
  7. Play animations per slide to make sure they work the way you want them to
  8. Export presentation as .mov file (this make take some time, be patient!)
  9. Open iMovie
  10. Import .mov file
  11. Record narration over video
  12. Export movie file (File>Share>File), Use Medium Quality, Compress: Faster options
  13. Upload to Dragon’s Tube
  14. Embed on your blog