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Adding a New Category to Your Blog

Here’s a quick video tutorial that shows you how to add a new category to your blog.

We use categories on ISB blogs to show what subject or course a blog post is for.

Family Technology Agreements

In our Parenting in the Digital Age sessions we often refer to our family-technology-agreements so here it is. You can find more resources on the Middle School counsellor’s pages on Dragons’ Gate.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media has lots of great resources for families looking for ideas when dealing with anything digital. They have movie and software reviews as well as more general helpful articles.

This week I found 6 Ways to Help Your Kids Stop Multitasking During Homework which has some practical tips for us as parents.



Creating a Digital Story with iMovie

Basic Steps

  • Organize all your materials before you start
  • Create a new Event in iMovie and import your media
  • Create a new Project
  • Add a Title
  • Add audio
  • Add photos
    • Turn off Ken Burns before adding photos
  • Adjust timing of photos
  • Crop photos as necessary
  • Share you project

Podcasting with Garageband

Podcasting is a pretty fun activity and GarageBand is a great tool for recording your podcasts. Here are three video tutorials to help you get started making a podcast using Garageband.

Garageband Settings

Quick Notes:

  • Create empty project
  • get rid of: 1234 (countdown and metranome), swap timer

Recording Tip


Quick Notes

  • If you make an error count 3 seconds and then go back to the beginning of the sentence with the error and keep going.
  • When you go to edit, look for the long gaps. Listen to the recording on either side of the gap to see if there’s an error to delete.
  • Make sure you have clicked “track” in the lower left hand corner to be able to select and delete sound bites.
  • Record in a quiet place.
  • Speak up and read with expression. Don’t rush.

Exporting Your Podcast


Quick Notes

  • Remember to save frequently
  • Go to “Share” menu
  • Export song to disk
  • Decide where to save the file.
  • Choose settings: MP3, Medium Quality
  • Click export

Talking to Your Mac

I recently tore ligaments in my wrist which has made typing difficult. The result is that I have rediscovered the dictation capability that is built into the Mac’s operating system. It’s pretty easy to set up and use. I’ve been using it to quickly answer emails and I actually wrote this post with it.

This video will show you how to set up dictation your Mac and help get started using it.



Adding Major Assessments to the High School Grade Level Calendars

Here are a couple of video tutorials that show how to add your major assessments to grade level calendars. The first one shows how to do it in Outlook Online while the second one shows the process in the desktop version of Outlook for Mac 2016.

Outlook Online


Outlook for Mac 2016

Checking Hard Drive Storage Space in your Macbook

At ISB, Macbook Pros have more storage space than Macbook Airs. When you need to migrate to Macbook Air using Time Machine, you will need to ensure that you have UNDER 200 GB of storage space free on your hard drive. This post will take you through the process of checking storage on your computer.

1. Go the apple on the top left corner of your screen and click “About This Mac”

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 15.02.54

2. Click on the “Storage” Tab

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 16.06.45

3. Check that you have under 200 GB free

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 15.07.24

4. If you are over, you can check where you can go through and delete some files. (Note: You may want to check you movies, music or photos first.)

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 15.08.28

5. If you need assistance with this, please go to the Ed Tech office, or ICT.

Installing Office 2016 from Self Service

Since we have upgraded the online version of our school email to Office 365, you might have found it difficult to open Microsoft Office documents that you have downloaded. This could be because you have not updated to Office 2016 yet. This post will explain how to install Office 2016 from Self Service. If you use Outlook, there is also directions on how to configure your Outlook account towards the end of the post.

1. Go to Self Service and Open.


2. Go to Base Applications and install “Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac”.


3. Go to “Applications” Folder

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 09.07.55

4. Find “Microsoft Office 2011” and Move to Trash.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 09.08.05

5. Empty Trash.


To configure your Outlook Email account, please do the following:

1. Open up to Outlook


2. Verify Certificate (if needed) Click “Continue”


3. Go to Outlook tab and click “Preferences”

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 09.09.02

4. Click on “Accounts”

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 09.09.23

5. Click on “Exchange or Office 365” and enter required information. Click “Add Account”


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 09.35.40

6. Check the “Always use my response for this server” and “Allow” (2 times)

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 09.09.40

7. Outlook will start to pull your email from our servers. First time installation may take a few minutes.

Office 365 Groups

Groups allow students and teachers to work in highly collaborative and connected ways. Here are a few notes the EdTech Facilitators used when introduced Groups to teams.

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