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Scheduling a meeting in Outlook

In last Monday’s TLT, Bec and Clint showed us how to use Scheduling Assistant in Outlook to book a meeting. It is still a bit tricky when making a time with teachers, as class times do not currently feature in calendars, however, this is our recommended method for making a time to meet with specialists… such as Bec and I!


Collaborative Systems in the Elementary School

At ISB we are lucky to have access to a wealth of tools and systems facilitate teaching, learning, and collaboration in our classroom and in our school. Unfortunately, all of these systems can sometimes get confusing: which one is best at which time?

To help our new (and returning!) teachers in the Elementary School, Sam, Bec and I shared a quick 45 minute presentation that helps to clarify three of our main tools for collaboration: Outlook (specifically accessing Groups and making calendar bookings), Office 365 (Groups v. OneDrive, sharing and collaborating on documents), and OneNote.

Outlook Online: Overlay Group Calendars On Your Personal Calendar

ISB gets very busy. This tutorial shows how you can have your various group calendars overlaid on your personal Outlook Online calendar.

Subscribe, Unsubscribe and Broadcast in O365 Groups

Have you found yourself missing out on important messages? Has somebody said that they sent a message to the Group, but you can’t seem to find it? Alternatively, do you find that you are getting WAY TOO MANY messages from your group and want to find a way to control them effectively?

Every member of the group has an ability to subscribe to group messages. By doing so, you ensure that each message in the Group Conversation is sent directly to your inbox. This is great when you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

O365 Groups Subscribe

By unsubscribing, you will no longer receive these Group Conversation messages in your inbox. Instead you will be notified by a message counter in the Groups area of Outlook.O365 Conversation

If you want to send a message to your Group and want to FORCE it to show up in the inbox of all members – even those who have unsubscribed – you can use the Broadcast feature in Conversations. (Pro Tip: You can also write @all in the body of the email being sent to the Group mailing list.)
O365 Broadcast

Now you can help control the amount of email that ends up  in your inbox and also ensure that important messages reach those who need to read them!

Adding Major Assessments to the High School Grade Level Calendars

Here are a couple of video tutorials that show how to add your major assessments to grade level calendars. The first one shows how to do it in Outlook Online while the second one shows the process in the desktop version of Outlook for Mac 2016.

Outlook Online


Outlook for Mac 2016

Small Bytes – Working with Groups in Office 365

Thanks to all the teachers who came out for our first round of Small Bytes. We had a healthy turnout as we discussed Working with Groups in Office 365. It’s always interesting to get a group of teachers together to discuss these tools and platforms because it always helps us understand all of the different ways that teachers are using them in their classrooms!

We mainly had a chance to play around in a Sandbox Group, free from the fear of messing up *something important*. We also talked a bit about how to subscribe/unsubscribe from notifications and how to use conversations. Finally we spent some time discussing how the shared files work and how to share files between Groups using links rather than making a copy of the document.

I’ve embedded the simple slideshow that we used to help guide our discussion. If you have any questions about any of it, or about anything else related to Groups, leave a comment or swing by the Ed Tech Office!


Office 365 Groups

Groups allow students and teachers to work in highly collaborative and connected ways. Here are a few notes the EdTech Facilitators used when introduced Groups to teams.

Clutter in Microsoft Outlook

You may have noticed a folder in your Outlook email called Clutter. Clutter is a feature designed to move “low priority” mail out of your Inbox and into its own folder. The idea is that it saves you time when scanning through your mail. Clutter sorts your email based on how you’ve handled emails in the past and then continues to learn as from you as you sort your email. For example, if you drag an email from Clutter to your Inbox it will learn not to identify emails from that sender as Clutter.

You can learn more about Cutter here. Please note that the page says it’s for Outlook 2016 for Windows but it’s almost exactly the same as Outlook 2016 for Mac.

How to Set Alerts on OneDrive Documents

Working collaboratively in Office 365 is great, but sometimes it gets a little murky who has edited what and when. Fortunately, we have the ability to set up documents to alert authors every time a modification is made. There is a bit of clicking around to find this feature, but in the end it’s worth it to be kept up to date on a collaborative document. Alerts can be set on any Office document. It’s great to be notified each time someone answers a survey you may have sent out. Please note that you can only set an alert on documents you created, not ones that have been shared with you.

Go to your OneDrive
In the lower left hand corner select “Return to classic OneDrive”
Alert 1

Click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner
Select “Show Ribbon”
Alert 2

Select File, then the Alert Me icon that looks like a bell
Alert 3

From here, you will be able to choose your alert preferences, such as frequency of notification and whether you would like to receive an email or an SMS.

How to Create an Excel Survey on Office 365

Surveys can be valuable to collect information and opinions from your team or from your students. No longer are they limited to Google Surveys! Did you know you can create one right in Office 365?

Click here for a tutorial blog post on how to create Excel surveys.

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