Seesaw Notification Trial

Dear Parents,

During May, I will be exploring the announcement features of Seesaw as a way of communicating with families using a single platform. Instead of weekly blog posts from me,  you will receive messages to your Seesaw inbox, with notification types of your choosing. 

As this will be the only way you will receive important homeroom information during this trial please make sure you are following your child’s Seesaw Journal in the Seesaw Family app. The attached PDF guides you through Seesaw Family notification settings.

If you would like any assistance with connecting to your child’s journal or notification settings, please contact  Sam Griffin (

Seesaw Family – notifications settings guide

Field Trip Friday 4th May

Field Trip!

 Dear Parents,

As part of our new social studies unit on history, students will take part in a field trip! In your child’s bag today you will find this note about the trip and you may click this link to see it digitially: Parent Information Letter Grade 2 Field Trip 2EL

This Friday, May 4th 2EL will go to the Capital Museum and Ditan Park. Our field trip has been organized by staff from The Hutong School.

Students need to wear the house colour t-shirt and bring a packed snack, lunch and drink bottle. On the day, Sandra and I will be accompanied by Ms Sue and Mr Dragon.

Students will receive scavenger hunt booklet books to complete during the day and go around the museum and park in four different groups with one adult per group.  The class will be split into 4 groups according to their color of t-shirt, so please ensure your child wears theirs! Students will also take their iPad and capture evidence of museum artifacts.

We look forward to a great trip!





Dear Parents,

2EL enjoyed a fabulous day today, celebrating the arts at ISB. If you haven’t already seen some of the videos and pictures posted on the class WeChat, check them out!

I am so proud of the students and their performance. During the day we also took several gallery walks, looking for our own artwork as well as that of other’s which stood out to us. See SeeSaw for your child’s photo of a piece of artwork that they loved.

We went and watched two other class performances, both of which showcased the many talents of our ES students!

If you see our performing arts teacher Ms Skye or our visual arts teacher Ms Eveland,  be sure to compliment them on their fantastic efforts! We are so lucky to have such passionate arts teachers at ISB.

Happy CASTA!

Long Weekend Coming Up! No school!

Dear Parents,

A reminder that this weekend is a four-day weekend for Labor Day.

Students will not attend school on Monday 30th April and Tuesday 1st May.

I wish you all a restful and enjoyable mini holiday!

I will be in Shanghai for three professional development days focussing on mathematics in the primary classroom. Hopefully I will be able to explore a little as well!

Lab Report Writing Celebration

Dear Parents,

Last week students completed writing their final lab report, based on the hypothesis and experiment they developed (check SeeSaw for those images if you haven’t already seen or heard about them!)

Yesterday students celebrated their hard writing work by sharing their pieces with students in 2MS. We laid out our reports, along with images we printed of the experiment. Some of us also displayed videos of the experiment on our iPad for a cool visual!

Then we went in to 2MS’s classroom to read their lab reports. We  left compliment cards for work we were impressed by and the students in 2MS did the same for us!

CASTA 26th April

Dear Parents,

A last minute reminder that Thursday, 26th April  is CASTA! Hopefully you have all seen and read yesterday’s blog post but if not….

We invite all parents to come and  Celebrate And Share The Arts with us!

Students need to wear their tie-dyed shirts for this day. 

The 13th Annual CASTA Day highlights student achievement in the Performing and Visual Arts. Each Performing Arts class has prepared an informative and exciting performance. ES artists have chosen their favorite work of art to display in galleries throughout the elementary school.

Galleries: Sunny Hallway, Art Hallway, Grade Level Hallways

2ELs performance will be at 10:45-11:05  in the  Upper Gallery

Attached here is the full CASTA schedule 2018! We can’t wait to show you all our creativity and hard work!

We cannot wait to see you there!


Dear All ,

You may have noticed an increase in our use of SeeSaw lately, and I hope you’re enjoying it! Now that our students are independently using the app, we have been able to use it for a wider variety of activities. I encourage you to “like” and add positive comments to their posts. Students love to see that their work is actually being viewed by their families.

If you have any questions about SeeSaw or would like assistance using it, please do not hesitate to send me an email.

Welcome Back! Week Ending 13th April

Dear All,

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable Spring Break. I travelled to Vietnam and had a wonderful time sampling the food, exploring the country’s history and discovering trading practices on the Mekong Delta!

We have jumped right back into learning in 2EL. This week, we started Monday by complimenting our peers and letting them know we appreciate them! 

We read Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and took part in a comprehension activity in small groups, answering questions about the text through rich discussion. 

Miss Catie, our counsellor, came to speak to us about expected versus unexpected behaviors in different situations. 

We reviewed our classroom rules and  our Working Agreements and determined what behaviors and attitudes we should be displaying. 

As we begin to choose more sophisticated books, we want to ensure we maintain fluency . We spent time recording our reading and listening  back to it. We discussed the many strategies we can use as readers to sound fluent. 

We finished up maths module 6 by studying odd and even numbers. 

We banned the word ‘said’ in 2EL a long time ago, but found that it began to sneak its way back into our writing! We brainstormed some alternative words for said and will continue to add to it whenever we read a substitute word for it! 

Week Ending 30th March. Happy Spring Break!

Dear Parents,

This week, while only three days, was crammed full of learning!

Students visited the lab with Mr Sam and Mr Jerry, where they made Oobleck! The big question was: is Oobleck a liquid or a solid? Ask your child for their opinion! If you want to make Oobleck at home during Spring Break, the method is below:

We also celebrated a mini Spirit Week! Here is 2EL dressed as fictional characters. We had Batman, Minnie Mouse, a Witch, Harry Potter, Clark Kent, among many others!

Frelsea came dressed as The Easter Bunny, complete with chocolate to share!

In math, we’re learning about arrays. Students rolled two dice e.g 3 and 4 and colored in 3 groups of 4. They competed against each other to cover as much of the grid as possible!

Today we visited the library so students could borrow books for the holiday!

And we also created our own experiments in class! Students developed a hypothesis and experimented away! It was messy but fun!

Have a great Spring Break, everyone!

Seesaw Comments

Dear All,

It is wonderful to see parents comment on their child’s Seesaw account, I know our students are always pleased to see positive affirmation of their hard work.

For those who are new to Seesaw or are yet to leave comments, below is a handy guide for the types of comments we encourage parents to leave.