ASA Update

Dear Parents,

This is a reminder that there are NO ASAs on March 15th and March 16th due to the Model UN competition (Thursday and Friday) and a faculty and staff Professional Development Day (Friday).

Additionally, below are a list of additional date when there will NOT be any ASA.

 No ASAs:

  • March 26th – March 27th Parent-Teacher Conference
  • April 2nd – April 6th Spring Break
  • April 30th – May 1st Labor Day Holiday

If you have any questions, or concerns, regarding ASAs, please stop by and see me in the Activities Office.


Jason Cuthbert

Grade 2 Circus

The Circus is Coming!

The Grade 2 Circus is an event that has stood the test of time and has become a shining example of what can be accomplished by our Grade 2 students. The students have begun preparing for the circus and will continue their preparations until the day of the big event. The students all come dressed as clowns and perform a variety of acts. The students are showcasing what they have learned in PE. While the majority of the program focuses on physical skills and activities, the students learn many valuable lessons from being a part of this event.  They push their limits as performers, work as a team toward a common goal and conquer fears of performing in front of a large audience. No matter what personality type or level of physical ability the individual student possesses, the evening will prove to be a time in each of their lives during which they will be a part of the legacy we call…..The Grade 2 Circus!

Simply Concert Series

This is a busy month for all of our performing students. Have you been checking the ensemble blog? Lots of information about rehearsals and concerts. Here is a quick summary:

  • March 8th Simply Band 6:30pm 
    • Students performing with ES band report to the band room at 6:10 pm  
  • March 14th Simply Singing 4:30pm
    • Junior Choir and Treblemakers report to the Black Box when school is dismissed. They should have all their belongings with them, including a SNACK. They will have a full finale run through in the theater. 
  • March 20th Simply Strings 4:30pm 
    • Students report the the MS/HS wing at 4:00. If they have an ASA or Wizard rehearsal they should get there as soon as possible, 

Concert attire for students performing in the Simply Concerts is formal; black pants/skirt, black shoes and socks, solid white shirt and red vest. We will provide students with the red vests.

Please check the ensemble blog posts. If you have any questions, you can contact me, Ms. Campbell, at

ES Parent Workshop: Elementary Writing Instruction

ES Parent Workshop: Elementary Writing Instruction at ISB

Date: Monday – March 12, 2018

Time: 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Location: ES Cafeteria

Emily DeLiddo will share how we teach writing at ISB and some of the research about why we teach writing in this way. She will lead parents through what a typical writing workshop class might be like and give practical suggestions for how parents can support their child’s literacy at home. Space is limited. Please register here.

Emily was a senior staff developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) at Columbia University for close to twelve years. She travels to schools nationally and internationally modeling lessons and leading study groups around balanced literacy.

Please mark your calendars and plan to join us!

ASA Update

ASA Session # 3 Sign-up: began this week and will conclude on Monday, February 12th. Please take your time this week to look at all of the ASAs with your child. The selection process is computer generated, so you have the whole week to decide which ASAs are of interest for your child. 

Important ASA Dates:

  • Last day of regularly scheduled ASAs for Session #2 is Wednesday, February 14th.
  • ASA Session #2 Make-up week will be Monday, February 26th – March 2nd
  • First day of ASA Session #3 is will be Monday, March 5th

 Dates with NO ASAs:

  • March 15th – March 16th BJ MUN and Professional Development Day
  • March 26th – March 27th Student Led Conferences
  • April 2nd – April 6th Spring Holiday
  • April 30th – May 1st Labor Day Holiday

As always, if you have any questions regarding ASAs, please, feel free to stop by the Activities Office. 

Jason Cuthbert – Assistant Director of Student Activities

ES Parent Coffee

Hello ISB ES Families, 

This is a subtle reminder that we will be holding our next ES Parent Coffee on Tuesday, February 6th, from 8:30 – 10:00 in the ES Cafeteria. We apologize again, to those of you who showed up last week, for the confusion with a previous post.

We hope you will all return as we have a great presentation prepared regarding how Mathematics is taught at ISB. We will have members of our ES Mathematics Vertical Team present to share; a general overview of our program, standards and mathematical practices as well as what Mathematics looks like in an elementary classroom. This will be an interactive presentation with opportunities for discussion. We look forward to seeing you in attendance.

Yours in partnership,

ES Leadership Team

ASA Update

Dear Parents,

Just an update of what lies ahead in February with regards to the Elementary ASA Program. The last regular day for Session #2 ASA is Wednesday, February 14th. The Make up week for Session # 2 will begin Monday, February 26th and conclude on Friday, March 2nd.

Sign-up Week for ASA Session # 3 will begin February 5th and conclude on February 12th. 

No ASA Dates:

  • March 15th – March 16th BJ MUN and Professional Development Day
  • March 26th – March 27th Parent-Teacher Conference
  • April 2nd – April 6th Spring Break
  • April 30th – May 1st Labor Day Holiday

If you have any questions, please come see me in the Activities Office.

Jason Cuthbert – Asst. Director of Student Activities

ES Update: Four Important Notices!

Dear ES parents,

We have 4 points to bring to your attention:

We invite you to the ES Parent Coffee on Tuesday, February 6th, from 8:30 – 10:00, in the ES Cafeteria. Our focus for the morning will be Mathematics. Please join along to gain a better understanding of how your child learn is learning Mathematics at ISB.

It’s cold! Please make sure children have hats and gloves when they come to school, so that they can enjoy playing outside. We have been lucky with wonderful cold, crisp days this month. If the AQI is below 150, children will spend both recesses outside and need to be dressed suitably. 

Taking children out of school during the day – if you need to take your child out of school, to exit school with them, prior to the normal dismissal time, you need a signed ‘leave pass’. In advance please email both the homeroom teacher and Aileen in the ES office: Please tell them the time you will be collecting your child. You need to come to the office to collect the slip and hand it to the security team as you exit the building. Children are not permitted to leave campus, even if with a parent, without this slip. This is to help ensure your children’s safety and security at school. 

International Schools Snowsports Championships China 2018 – Are you a skier or a snowboarder? If you are, why not join the ISB team at this year’s ISSCC event at Wanlong, March 2-4. For more information please check out the attached document below or contact ES PE teacher Mr. Parun on

ISSCC PDF parents


Prevention is Better Than Cure – healthy students this winter

Dear parents, Last week we had a number of sick children at school, who needed to be sent home. Please read the note below from our ES nurses. We appreciate you taking time each morning to make sure your child is healthy for attending school.

Please let us help each other to prevent illnesses/diseases at ISB. We believe that “prevention is better than cure”. Children practicing proper hygiene at all times can help to keep us healthy.

Please inform your child about good hand hygiene (and some reminders for adults). Washing your hands should be done before and after preparing and eating food, after going to the bathroom, after cleaning something, before & after tending to someone who is sick, after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, after handling an animal or animal waste, and after handling garbage.

Pay careful attention in food preparation –such as making sure eggs and poultry are thoroughly cooked. Use two different cutting boards, one for meat only and one for vegetables only.

If your child has the following signs & symptoms, please keep your child at home and consider seeing a doctor for further evaluation and management:

  • Fever – Temperature of 37.5 C or higher. Children should be fever free (without taking medication) for 24 hours before returning to school
  • Diarrhoea & Vomiting – starting 12 hours prior to school or persistant diarrhoea
  • Skin rashes of unknown origin
  • Conjunctivitis / pink eye – watery/discharge from the eye
  • Moist cough if the child cannot be relied upon to cover their cough
  • Heavy head cold with a lot of nasal congestion / sneezing


    These last two symptoms even without fever, can cause a lot of other children to become ill if they attend school.

    Please inform nurses and the teacher, if your child is sick or is diagnosed with a contagious disease. We need to notify the affected class of possible exposure to prevent further spread of disease. We will maintain strict confidentiality.

    If you have any questions, please contact us. The ES Nurses, Richard and Cara

ASA Update

Dear Parents, 

Happy New Year from the Activities Office. Just an update of what is ahead in the next few weeks in regards to the Elementary School ASA program. The last day for Session 2 ASAs will be Wednesday, February 14th. The Make-up week for Session 2 will be Monday, February 26th to Friday, March 2nd.

ASA Session 3 Sign-Ups: The sign-ups for ASA Session 3 will be the week of February 5th – February 12th.  This is an advanced notification in case you wanted to put the dates on your calendars.

ASAs will NOT meet on the following dates:

  • March 15th – March 16th BJ MUN and Professional Development Day
  • March 26th – March 27th Parent-Teacher Conference
  • April 2nd – April 6th Spring Break
  • April 30th – May 1st Labor Day Holiday

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to stop in the Activities Office.

-Jason Cuthbert, Assistant Director of Student Activities