Prevention is Better Than Cure – healthy students this winter

Dear parents, Last week we had a number of sick children at school, who needed to be sent home. Please read the note below from our ES nurses. We appreciate you taking time each morning to make sure your child is healthy for attending school.

Please let us help each other to prevent illnesses/diseases at ISB. We believe that “prevention is better than cure”. Children practicing proper hygiene at all times can help to keep us healthy.

Please inform your child about good hand hygiene (and some reminders for adults). Washing your hands should be done before and after preparing and eating food, after going to the bathroom, after cleaning something, before & after tending to someone who is sick, after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, after handling an animal or animal waste, and after handling garbage.

Pay careful attention in food preparation –such as making sure eggs and poultry are thoroughly cooked. Use two different cutting boards, one for meat only and one for vegetables only.

If your child has the following signs & symptoms, please keep your child at home and consider seeing a doctor for further evaluation and management:

  • Fever – Temperature of 37.5 C or higher. Children should be fever free (without taking medication) for 24 hours before returning to school
  • Diarrhoea & Vomiting – starting 12 hours prior to school or persistant diarrhoea
  • Skin rashes of unknown origin
  • Conjunctivitis / pink eye – watery/discharge from the eye
  • Moist cough if the child cannot be relied upon to cover their cough
  • Heavy head cold with a lot of nasal congestion / sneezing


    These last two symptoms even without fever, can cause a lot of other children to become ill if they attend school.

    Please inform nurses and the teacher, if your child is sick or is diagnosed with a contagious disease. We need to notify the affected class of possible exposure to prevent further spread of disease. We will maintain strict confidentiality.

    If you have any questions, please contact us. The ES Nurses, Richard and Cara