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Book Drive

Dear ISB parents,

Grade 7 FA students will be holding a book drive from Friday, March 23rd to Friday, March 30th to raise books and money for children who lack access to education. We will resell donated books and all proceeds will go to We would like to ask if you would send your children with some of your old or unwanted books (any level), and they can drop them off outside the elementary cafeteria.

When we resell the books, if you would like your student to buy some books of interest, please send your child with 50- 100 ¥. (Each book will cost 20¥.)

Our sale will be held at the ISB elementary cafeteria April 11, 13, and 17, during your students lunch schedule. Hope to see you there!

Thank you

~1 Book, One cause.

For more information please contact;,, or

or read the attached document


Be a Media Mentor for Your Child

I don’t think anybody would disagree with the importance of being a positive role model for your children. When it comes to technology, however,  Dr. Alexandra Samuel has identified three distinct parenting styles in her research:

  • The Digital Limiter: prefers to keep their children away from the internet, and often strictly limit screentime. These children are often Digital Exiles, kept out of the digital world for as long as possible;
  • The Digital Enabler: respect their children’s’ abilities to make their own choices online and take cues from other families on how to use technology. These children are often Digital Orphans, left to explore on their own;
  • The Digital Mentor: enjoys spending time with their children online, cultivating their children’s skills and fostering online learning. These children are often Digital Heirs, inheriting their parents’ values and skills.
Read more about Dr. Samuel’s findings here in her article in The Atlantic.

When looking at the percentage of children who have misbehaved online, Dr. Samuel discovered that it is the children of Digital Mentors who are often making the best choices.

So how can we help our children make these good choices? How can we become Media Mentors them?

Keri-Lee Beasley and Daniel Johnson from GEMS World Academy in Switzerland created and shared a calendar of suggested activities for parents to use as ways to engage with their children and discuss. This calendar also includes links to resources to help support you in having some of the more difficult discussions or in some of the more technical skills.

As a family, you may not be able to take part in all of the activities with your children, but that’s okay!  We encourage you to find the ones that you can take part in and make the time to start having these important discussions and mentoring conversations within your entire family!


Click to view the full-size file for download
Click to view the full-size file for download

For more resources, please view the Ed Tech blog.

ASA Update

Dear Parents,

This is a reminder that there are NO ASAs on March 15th and March 16th due to the Model UN competition (Thursday and Friday) and a faculty and staff Professional Development Day (Friday).

Additionally, below are a list of additional date when there will NOT be any ASA.

 No ASAs:

  • March 26th – March 27th Parent-Teacher Conference
  • April 2nd – April 6th Spring Break
  • April 30th – May 1st Labor Day Holiday

If you have any questions, or concerns, regarding ASAs, please stop by and see me in the Activities Office.


Jason Cuthbert

Grade 2 Circus

The Circus is Coming!

The Grade 2 Circus is an event that has stood the test of time and has become a shining example of what can be accomplished by our Grade 2 students. The students have begun preparing for the circus and will continue their preparations until the day of the big event. The students all come dressed as clowns and perform a variety of acts. The students are showcasing what they have learned in PE. While the majority of the program focuses on physical skills and activities, the students learn many valuable lessons from being a part of this event.  They push their limits as performers, work as a team toward a common goal and conquer fears of performing in front of a large audience. No matter what personality type or level of physical ability the individual student possesses, the evening will prove to be a time in each of their lives during which they will be a part of the legacy we call…..The Grade 2 Circus!

Simply Concert Series

This is a busy month for all of our performing students. Have you been checking the ensemble blog? Lots of information about rehearsals and concerts. Here is a quick summary:

  • March 8th Simply Band 6:30pm 
    • Students performing with ES band report to the band room at 6:10 pm  
  • March 14th Simply Singing 4:30pm
    • Junior Choir and Treblemakers report to the Black Box when school is dismissed. They should have all their belongings with them, including a SNACK. They will have a full finale run through in the theater. 
  • March 20th Simply Strings 4:30pm 
    • Students report the the MS/HS wing at 4:00. If they have an ASA or Wizard rehearsal they should get there as soon as possible, 

Concert attire for students performing in the Simply Concerts is formal; black pants/skirt, black shoes and socks, solid white shirt and red vest. We will provide students with the red vests.

Please check the ensemble blog posts. If you have any questions, you can contact me, Ms. Campbell, at

ES Parent Workshop: Elementary Writing Instruction

ES Parent Workshop: Elementary Writing Instruction at ISB

Date: Monday – March 12, 2018

Time: 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Location: ES Cafeteria

Emily DeLiddo will share how we teach writing at ISB and some of the research about why we teach writing in this way. She will lead parents through what a typical writing workshop class might be like and give practical suggestions for how parents can support their child’s literacy at home. Space is limited. Please register here.

Emily was a senior staff developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) at Columbia University for close to twelve years. She travels to schools nationally and internationally modeling lessons and leading study groups around balanced literacy.

Please mark your calendars and plan to join us!