Grade 2 Circus

The Circus is Coming!

The Grade 2 Circus is an event that has stood the test of time and has become a shining example of what can be accomplished by our Grade 2 students. The students have begun preparing for the circus and will continue their preparations until the day of the big event. The students all come dressed as clowns and perform a variety of acts. The students are showcasing what they have learned in PE. While the majority of the program focuses on physical skills and activities, the students learn many valuable lessons from being a part of this event.  They push their limits as performers, work as a team toward a common goal and conquer fears of performing in front of a large audience. No matter what personality type or level of physical ability the individual student possesses, the evening will prove to be a time in each of their lives during which they will be a part of the legacy we call…..The Grade 2 Circus!