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Elementary School Arrival Procedures

Dear Parents,


Please make note of the arrival procedures, listed below, for students in the Elementary School. We have included information for both outdoor and indoor mornings.


Outdoor Mornings室外集合:

  • All scholars, from both buses and parent drop-off, should enter campus through the OLE gate.
  • 所有坐校车以及家长送的学生都应从小学操场大门入校。
  • Grade 1 – Grade 5: After entering the OLE children in should remain in the OLE until music plays. When the music plays, children should line-up by homeroom and wait for teachers to come and meet them.
  • 一年级—五年级:入校后在操场等待至音乐响起。音乐响起后,孩子们应以班为单位排队并等待班主任来接他们。
  • Kindergarten: Parents choosing to accompany their child must enter through the Main Entrance and drop them off at the courtyard.
  • 幼儿园:选择陪孩子一起入校的家长必须从主入口进入并把孩子送到小学庭院。
  • PK3/PK4: Parents choosing to accompany their children must enter through the Main Entrance and drop them off in their classroom.
  • 三岁班/四岁班: 选择陪孩子一起入校的家长必须从主入口进入并把孩子送到教室。
  • Any parent needing to accompany their child on campus must enter through the Main Entrance and remain with their child until they drop them off at class.
  • 任何需要陪伴孩子一起入校的家长必须从主入口进入,并一直陪伴孩子直到教室。

Indoor Mornings: 室内集合:

  • All children that are parent drop-off should enter through the OLE gate.
  • 所有由家长送的孩子应由操场大门入校。
  • All children that ride the bus should enter through the Main Entrance.
  • 所有坐校车的孩子应由主入口入校。
  • Grade 2 – Grade 5: Will be directed to the Dome.
  • 二年级—五年级:会被指引到气膜馆。
  • Grade 1: Will be directed to the ES Cafeteria.
  • 一年级:会被指引到小学餐厅。
  • Kindergarten: Should go to their homeroom.
  • 幼儿园:应该去他们的教室。
  • PK3/PK4: Should go to their homeroom.
  • 三岁班/四岁班:应该去他们的教室。

Please note that the OLE gate does not open until 8:00. Elementary School children on campus prior to 8:00 must be accompanied by a parent at all times.


Welcome to School Year 2018-2019!

Dear Parents,

We had a lovely day one in the ES!  The campus has come back to life with the voices and laughter of children and we are all very excited for the learning that lies ahead of us.

If you are a parent of a PK3 to Kindergarten child, the homeroom teacher will set up a time to meet you.  If you are a parent of a grade 1 to grade 5 child and have not yet had the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher, please try to visit your child’s classroom tomorrow, Tuesday, between 3:45 and 4:30 P.M.  This is a time for informal conversations and introductions. More specific information about your child’s grade level program will be shared during Back to School Night; more details about this event will follow in the coming weeks.

Today’s morning drop-off went very smoothly.  Starting tomorrow if you choose to come to school with your child and want to enter the building, all parents must go through main reception with their ID card.  Only ES students are permitted to enter through the OLE gates.  We have this procedure in place to ensure the safety of each child.  Also, please make sure that your child knows how to get home at the end of the day.

We look forward to working in partnership with you this year.


Information for Day 1 on Monday

Dear ES Parents, 

Are your children excited about school starting? Here we are all excited, the classrooms are ready and so are the teachers. 

On Monday children should arrive between 8:00 and 8:10am. They should come in through the Elementary School entrance by the OLE, and go to the following places:

Grades 1-5 go to the OLE/playground

PreK3, PreK4 and Kinder students go directly to homerooms, they should be accompanied by a parent. IMPORTANT please note for the young students:

PreK3 and PreK4 students finish school at 11:25am for the first two weeks of school, then each Wednesday they go home early at 11:25am. 

Kindergarten students for home at 11:30am for the first week of school. After that they stay at school until 3:25pm every day. 

Enjoy your last days of the holiday and the time with your children. (We know there are some parents who are quite excited about handing their children back to us after a long summer!)

The ES Leadership Team