Baby Dragons Swim Program

Dear parents,

Our Baby Dragon swim program will begin on December 5th.  This program is a bridge program for swimmers to extend beyond the ASA and start preparing to develop their strokes for competitive swimming. This program is still very much centered around FUNdamentals.  We are inviting swimmers who are able to swim down the length of the pool (25m) in three strokes – Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. Although the technique at this stage does not need to be perfect, we need to consider safety and ensure that swimmers have the beginnings of these strokes and can manage to move down the pool in a practice setting.  

On December 5th, from 2:30pm – 3:30pm, we will run an assessment to look at all potential Baby Dragons that are interested in this program.  Some swimmers have already been chosen from our ASA session 1 program, so these swimmers will not be required to attend the assessment. Already identified Baby Dragons will start with a practice on the 5th of December while others continue to be assessed.

For any new swimmers that have not yet been seen in the ASA session 1 program, please fill in the registration form below and drop off at the Swim Pool Mail Box before November 29th.

Chosen Baby Dragons will practice every Wednesday from 2:30PM – 3:30PM until we conclude with a final swim meet opportunity – The Baby & Little Dragon Invitational Meet, which takes place on Wednesday May 22nd. Baby Dragons are not required to sign up with the ASA early years swimming program. Sign-ups are managed through the swim office.

Important Information

Wednesday 5th Assessment – Parents will need to bring their children to this assessment at the pool. Our ASA program will be taking place at the same time, so coaches and teachers will be collecting those students. We will need parent help to bring swimmers to the pool on this first day.

Requirements before Baby Dragon practices begin:

  • All Baby Dragons should be competent to change on their own. Coaches or teachers will not be assisting swimmers in the changing rooms to get changed. Please practice this at home. Parents will not be allowed in the changing rooms.
  • Bring your own swim suit, cap and goggles. These will not be left at the pool and should be taken home after every practice.
  • We provide towels, so no need to bring your own.
  • 200RMB – This program carries a very small fee that covers a t-shirt, swim cap and allows children to participate in a few swim meets from March until May. This fee will be collected after we decide on who will be in the program and fees are payable to the box office.

Although practices are on Wednesdays which is at the same time as our early years ASA, this program is different to the ASA program, and forms part of our bridge program for swimmers to extend beyond into more competitive stroke development.

If you have any further questions you can send in an enquiry to the following:

Nic Wilson – (Aquatics Director)

Jenny Deng – (Swim Office Manager) – Can field questions in Chinese.

Hard copies of this assessment flyer will be available at the swimming pool entrance, or you can download the form attached, print and return to the swim pool mailbox.

We are looking forward to seeing all our little ones on the 5th of December,

Best Regards, Nic Wilson Aquatics Director / Head Of Competitive Swimming

Entry form for Baby Dragon 2018[2]

Pick up after school

Dear Grade 1 and Grade 2 Parents,

As you know we have made changes to pick up at 3:25 (2:25 on Wednesdays). Grades 1 and 2 now get picked up in the ES Cafeteria.  Once ASAs start, there will be many less children at pick up, however, for now it’s very busy and I would like to ask for your help.

My aim is to make it as calm and easy for the children as possible. As from tomorrow (Wednesday) I would like to ask you to sit at a table in the first section of the cafeteria.

Once you are all sitting, the children will come in and look for you. Please stay sitting so that they can easily see across the tables. When you leave please go out from the far side of the cafeteria. Here’s a map, to show where. Thank you for your patience and support as we try to make this work more effectively. Ms. Frances x

Grade 2 Field Trip

Dear Parents,

Your child will be participating in an off-campus learning experience as part of their current unit of study.

Experience Details

  • Date and time (departure and return information): Depart 8:30am, Return by 3pm

2EL: Friday, May 4th

2MS & 2JL: Monday, May 7th

2SF & 2KF: Tuesday, May 8th

  • Location of the Experience: Capital Museum and Ditan Park
  • Items that your child will need to bring for the trip:
    • Healthy Snack
    • Lunch
    • Water Bottle (please water only- no juice/ soda)
    • Wear their house colour T-shirt

AQI Protocol for Outdoor Off-Campus Events:       

  • If the AQI reading at the location is 150 or below the experience will take place as scheduled.
  • If the reading is above 150, we will cancel the experience and attempt to reschedule for another day.

AQI Protocol for Indoor Off-Campus Events:  

  • If the AQI reading at the location is 150 or below the experience will take place as scheduled.
  • If the reading is between 150 and 175 the ES principal team will consider factors including: weather and AQI forecast, distance traveled, planned activities and the location of the experience, to determine if the experience will take place.
  • If the reading is above 175, we will cancel the experience and attempt to reschedule for another day.

Initial decisions about how to proceed will be based on the 7:00 am closest AQI station reading. Please note the 7:00 am reading is generally updated at 7:15 am.

For this experience, we will utilize the AQI reading from the following station:  US Embassy

Parents can monitor this station’s AQI reading and make a choice based on the AQI reading.  ISB will not contact parents in regards to the AQI reading.






2EL: Friday, May 4th 

2MS & 2JL: Monday, May 7th

2SF & 2KF: Tuesday, May 8th

活动地点:首都博物馆 和 地坛公园


  • 健康的零食
  • 午餐
  • 水杯(请只给孩子带水,不要带饮料和苏打水)
  • 请穿彩色校服体恤衫(绿色,紫色,红色和黄色体恤衫)












Notice from our Librarians

Dear Parents,

Please note that there is less than a month (oh my!) left of regular library book borrowing. The last day for regular checkouts is on May 23rd. There will be no checking out of books between 24-31st of May. 

Students can commence summer book checkouts on June 1st. 

More information to come regarding summer checkouts.

If your child has any outstanding books that need to be returned, please start looking for them OR pay for them. If you find a book after you’ve paid for it, you will get your money returned.


Swimming Lessons Finish May 2nd

Dear Parents,

Please note that P.E swimming lessons will end on May 2nd. The actual date for each grade will vary, of course. Your child will take their swimming gear home with them on their last lessons.

From May 3rd, students will be back in Gym 4 for P.E.

CASTA this Thursday April 26th

CASTA is coming this Thursday, April 26th. Students are to wear their tie-dye t-shirts and we invite you to come and Celebrate And Share The Arts!

The 13th Annual CASTA Day highlights student achievement in the Performing and Visual Arts. Each Performing Arts class has prepared an informative and exciting performance. ES artists have chosen their favorite work of art to display in galleries throughout the elementary school.

Galleries: Sunny Hallway, Art Hallway, Grade Level Hallways

Grade 2 Performances: 

10:20-10:40   2SF     Upper Gallery

10:45-11:05    2KF & 2 EL      Upper Gallery

1:45-2:05     2JL & 2MS      Upper Gallery

Attached here is the full CASTA schedule 2018! We can’t wait to show you all our creativity and hard work!