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Grade 5 Transition Activities

Very soon, our Grade 5 students will become Grade 6 students! There are a handful of events coming up to celebrate this move from the Elementary School to the Middle School.
During the week of June 4th, each fifth grader will receive a gift from the PTA: a t-shirt with the name of every student in the grade written on the back. That same week, on June 7th and 8th, fifth graders will get to eat lunch in the MS cafeteria. Students always say the pizza is much better there than in the ES!
During the last week of school, each homeroom will have an end-of-the-year party. On June 11th and 12th, fifth graders will go again to eat in the MS cafeteria. On the 13th, there will be an outdoor barbecue (weather permitting) just for fifth graders to enjoy. And on the last day of school, the entire Elementary School will say good-bye to the fifth-grade class at the ES assembly.
As you can see, our almost-sixth graders will have many opportunities in June to celebrate both the end of their time in Elementary School and their transition to Middle School. It’s a very exciting time of year!

Preparing for Puberty Week (February 26 – March 2nd)

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

Puberty Week is almost here and we would like to share some of the resources that we will be using. We encourage parents to look through these materials to help guide the discussions you might have at home with your child. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher if you have any comments or questions.

At the beginning of the week, students will receive one of the gender-specific handouts that are included in the links listed below. While topics for both genders will be covered in a co-ed fashion during the first few days of the week, students will only receive their gender-specific handout.

Girls and boys will be split into gender-based groups for the last two days of the week.  We have found that it’s easier for many students to talk about puberty-related topics on these days.

The website is a teacher resource that you also might find useful.  It is produced by a company that makes feminine hygiene products and has some helpful tips and advice for girls and their parents.

The final links are for videos that we will share with the students throughout the week.  

Warm regards,

The Grade 5 Team


Printed Handouts

Boys’ Guide

Girls’ Guide

Online sources

Puberty Resources for Parents

Information for parents and adolescents about puberty and growth topics

Tips and advice about menstruation


Looking Ahead – About Boys

Looking Ahead – About Girls

Good Hygiene

Having a Positive Body Image

Period Diaries

Puberty Talk This Friday

Grade 5 parents,

Please don’t forget about the talk we have scheduled for this Friday at 8:30 in the MPR. Dr. Andy Wang will speak about the physical and emotional changes children go through during puberty. Dr. Wang will be available to answer your questions after his presentation.


Be informed about puberty

Grade 5 will end its Wellness Unit with a week devoted to discussing the physical and emotional changes students can look forward to as part of puberty. It’s a good time to let your child know you are still there to listen to problems and to answer any questions he or she might have about puberty. To help you prepare for this, ISB has invited Dr. Andy Wang from United Family Healthcare Beijing (BJU) to come talk with interested fifth-grade parents on February 9 at 8:30am. 

Dr. Wang is a board-certified family physician who joined the staff at BJU in 2006. He speaks both English and Mandarin. His clinical focus includes diabetic care, psychiatry, geriatrics, and cross-cultural medicine. He also cares for pediatric patients of all ages.

Puberty discussion for 5th-grade parents: February 9 at 8:30am in the MPR

Supporting the Arts (and former 5th graders) at ISB

Middle School students performing “Not a Box”.

Starting this Thursday, Middle School students will perform “Not a Box”an original theater collaboration created by MS drama students, visiting global artists, a group of ISB teachers, and Hannah Northcott, the artistic director. The starting point for this show was the inquiry, “What’s in a box?” Three groups were formed (drama, dance and design) to explore this question. Together,  they created a show that features the themes, moods, thoughts and emotions that are relevant in the middle school years.

Theatergoers will also be able to see a related art exhibit called “Box World”. All the art pieces in the exhibition were created from boxes found at ISB. 
Not a Box (about 50 minutes total running time)
VENUE: ISB Theater
Nov. 9, Thursday, 4:00 PM (students can still catch the 6 PM bus)
Nov. 10, Friday 6:30 PM
Nov. 11, Saturday 2:00 PM
“Box World” art exhibit
VENUE: MS/HS Cafeteria
Nov. 9, Thursday 5-6:00 PM 
Nov. 10, Fri 4-6 PM
Nov. 11, Sat 1-2 PM
To book tickets, they can log into:


Deadline extended for Terry Fox t-shirts

On September 29, the entire ISB community will join in the fight against cancer by participating in the Terry Fox Run. This event is held every year in honor of a young man who sought to increase funding for cancer research by running across Canada, in spite of the fact that he had lost a leg to the disease.

ISB families and staff can contribute to the Terry Fox Foundation by buying a t-shirt for RMB120, or by making a donation on the day of the run. Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Orders for t-shirts can now be given to your child’s homeroom teacher all the way up until the 29th. Beginning next Monday, the t-shirts will also be for sale during lunch in the middle school/high school cafeteria. Please follow the sizing guidelines below when ordering.

Details of the upcoming grade 5 trip to Singing Deer Lodge

Dear Parents,

All 5th graders will soon be participating in a learning experience that will take them off-campus for 2 nights. Details of the experience and a recommended packing list are included below for your information. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher should you have any questions or concerns.

Travel Dates and Times:

5HD, 5KH and 5AT: September 18-20

5AD, 5ML and 5JP: September 20-22

All students should arrive at school as normal by 8:10am with a small piece of luggage, such as a backpack, and a packed lunch. (Click here to see a copy of the packing list your child will bring home to share with you.) After a short morning meeting, departing classes will leave ISB at 9:00am. Students will return to ISB 2 days later, in time to catch their regular bus home.

Location: Singing Deer Lodge, Near Miyun Reservoir

Transport: ISB Bus

Activities: The Singing Deer Lodge provides an excellent experiential learning environment for our students. Over the course of two days, students will participate in a variety of creative, intellectual, and physical activities, as well as Chinese integration. This includes a visit with a local village family, science and team building activities, an Amazing Race challenge game, art and craft activities, as well as other experiential learning opportunities linked to the 5th grade curriculum.

All activities have gone through a strict assessment to make sure your child will be safe and challenged at the same time. Activities will be modified to meet your child with their ability level. These activities help students develop trust and confidence in themselves and in each other. Our ultimate goal is to return to school with a group of students who are reflective and excited to continue experiential learning throughout the school year.

Please Note the Following:

· We are able to accommodate most special requests for your child if adequate notification is given to their teacher. If these requests cannot be met, your child may have an excused absence as outlined in the annual Experiential Learning Universal Consent and Waiver.

· Off-campus learning experiences do not follow the same AQI standards as on-campus learning experiences. Should pollution levels on the day of the experience exceed ISB’s standards, then the team leading the experience, in collaboration with divisional administrators, will make the decision as to whether the experience will run as planned, be modified, or be canceled.

Should you decide that you do not want your child to participate in an experience due to pollution, please contact your child’s divisional office on the morning of the experience and inform them as such.


The Grade 5 Teachers and the Strategic Learning Office

My mistake!

Dear 5th grade parents and teachers,

School picture days are taking place this month, NOT next month. Please accept my apologies for any confusion I caused by posting the wrong month earlier today. It has been corrected on the original post.

Kind regards,

Ms. Dawn