Dear PreK4 parents, 

Although, really you are no longer PreK4 parents! We had a fabulous end to the year. 

Just to remind you that when the children start back at school in August, for the week of Kindergarten, they will leave school each day at 11:30am. 

On Monday, 26th August, the children will begin with full days. 

For the first week, we finish early, to give our young students, the chance to get back into the routines of school. They get exhausted being at school after the long holidays, so we learn routines and get to know each other, with just mornings for that first week. 

Have a fabulous holiday, thanks for always being so supportive, Frances x 

Full days next week – 下周全天课程安排

Dear PreK4 Parents, 亲爱的四岁班家长,

As you know next week the children will begin to stay at school all day, until 3:25pm.


For the PreK4 children we are excited to have special activities which we offer each afternoon from 2:40-3:15pm. Each day of the week a class will attend a different activity, these are to add to the richness of the PreK4 program. The four activities are:

一周中的每一天都会参加不同的活动,这些活动将增加PreK 4课程的丰富性。

  • Art with Ms. Selma, the children work on collaborative and independent pieces during the year. 
  • 与Selma老师的艺术课上,孩子们在这一年会完成合作作品和独立作品。
  • Movement with Ms. Cindy, the children carry out a range of activities, often working on developing their ‘core’, much needed for many children this age.
  • 与Cindy老师的体操课上,孩子们会完成一系列活动,致力于发展他们的大肌肉运动能力,这对于这个年龄段的许多孩子来说是非常需要的。
  • Library with Ms. Jenny, the children will enjoy sharing books.
  • 与Jenny老师的图书时光,孩子们会享受分享图书的乐趣。
  • Sports with Coach Carlos and Sports Beijing, focusing each week on mini-football, mini-gymnastics, mini-basketball and mini-tennis.
  • Carlos教练和Sports Beijing的运动课,孩子们每周享受迷你足球,迷你体操,迷你篮球和迷你网球。
Class Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
Malu Villafane Sports Art Movement Library
Judy Zhu Art Movement Library Sports
Laura SW Movement Library Sports Art
Lani Thompson Library Sports Art Movement


班级 周一 周二 周四 周五
Malu Villafane 运动 艺术 体操 图书
Judy Zhu 艺术 体操 图书 运动
Laura SW 体操 图书 运动 艺术
Lani Thompson 图书 运动 艺术 体操

We are going to make some changes to PreK4 pick-up at 3:25pm, because of the children returning from these activities. Please can all parents wait on the red carpet as from August 27th, Monday afternoon. Once the children are ready to be picked up, we will show you where to come to meet them.

Many thanks, we hope both you and the children are excited (although they will be tired!) for full days to start! 


Ms. Frances and the PreK4 Team

Lunch beginning 27th August

Dear PreK4 parents, 


As you know the children will begin full school days on Monday 27th August. You have the choice of either sending your child with lunch from home, or paying for a school lunch. All children eat together in the cafeteria. 

孩子们从827日 周一开始上全天课。您可以从家给孩子带午饭,或者在学校购买。所有孩子都在小学餐厅一起用餐。

To see the menu Sodexo will be serving each week look on: Dragons’ Gate>ISB Life>Food Services>Menu>PreK-Grade2

请在Dragons Gate上查看索迪斯每周供应的菜单:Dragons Gate> ISB Life>Food Services>Menu>PreK-Grade2

I understand that a message was mistakenly put on to Dragons’ Gate, which said that children would be provided with two additional snacks during the day. This is not true. We apologise for this miscommunication. 

关于在Dragons’ Gate上误发布的信息:孩子们每天将有两顿加餐,是不属实的。对于错误传达我们表示歉意

Thank you

Dear Prek 4 Parents,

Thank you for your kind words of condolences. My mother is now in a better place where she lives in the fullness of joy.

I am very pleased to be back and be with our energetic four-year-olds. Their joy has given me so much consolation.

Thank you for the support and understanding you have given me during this difficult times.

Malu Villafane


Visiting Chinese Author and Illustrator for Prek 3 & 4

Special Invitation
Pre-K 3 and Prek 4 Parents
April 12, Thursday 12:15-1:00
You are warmly invited to join us in welcoming our visiting expert
illustrator and author Mike(麦克小奎)
Mike joins the children in a setting where words and pictures have real meaning, at the drawing table. His visit complements our current unit of study ‘Drawing is First Writing’.
Come and meet Mike and hear about his personal journey into words and pictures.
A light lunch starts at 12:15 followed by Mike’s presentation.
We would love for you to join us.
Mike is generously sponsored by our PTA and we thank them for their
continued support of our program.
4月12日 (周四),12:15-1:00

ES Tech Talk


We will discuss latest research, parenting tips and techniques, as well as guidelines for developmentally appropriate tech use.

Parents will have the opportunity to craft and think more deeply about their own family tech agreements while aligning them with ISB’s own tech agreements.

This is the first in a series of 3-4 technology-based parenting workshops, and participation will help guide the next sessions-





Chinese New Celebration in Prek4

The PK4 Team would like to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!

Our trip to the flower market was fun and our rooms are now beautifully decorated.  Please see the attached PDF for our upcoming PK4 Open Studio CNY activities.  Chinese New Year activities

Also take note, that if your child wants to dress up in Chinese New Year attire on Wednesday, they are more welcome too!  Dismissal on Wednesday will remain normal, at 11:20.  However, you and your child are more than welcome to stay for the schoolwide CNY events on your own time.

Thank you for all your support.

PK4 Swimming Sessions 2017-18

Dear PK4 Parents,
What an exciting time for our four-year-olds! It’s swimming time!
Your respective homerooms have sent you the exact dates of your swimming days on a Seesaw note. Kindly refer to this post for more information.
Please find the list of things you need to prepare for your child’s swimming session starting Feb 5, Monday:
  • Swimsuits for the girls, swimming trunks for the boys
  • Swimming caps and goggles
  • Please put all these items in a bag.
  • Please label each item you send to school using permanent ink otherwise they will be misplaced and hard to find.
Towels will be provided in the changing rooms so please tell your Ayi or any caregiver not to send them as they weigh in the backpacks. We will keep your child’s swimming gear in school until the end of the swimming session.
You are most welcome to watch your child on the bleachers. We strongly discourage any Ayi, parent or any caregiver to help in dressing up their child. Again, please advise your Ayi or any caregiver this important notice.
Lastly, please let us know if you have any concerns regarding your child’s health. This is ONLY a three-week activity so if your child cannot swim for more than once, please send a doctor’s certificate stating why he/she is unable to join swimming lessons.
We look forward to a fun-filled swimming day with your child.
Prek4 Team

Choice of your children’s program 课程选择

Dear parents,

Ms. Frances reminds you to write to and let them know what your choice of program is for next year, the Kindergarten dual language program or the ISB monolingual program. Tomorrow, Jan 25th is the last day for choosing for you. The lists are then open to other new families applying to Pre-k 4 from the community. If you have told your Homeroom teacher, it doesn’t count as the Admissions Department needs to hear officially from you in writing.

We thank you for your continued support of our program.

Pre-K4 Team







Your child in Kinder next year

It was wonderful to see almost all of you at our meeting on Tuesday morning.

A reminder that if you would like to change your child’s programme, then you need to send an email to by Thursday 25th January. Please include your child’s full name and whether you would like the dual language or the monolingual programme. 

The presentation from our session PreK4 parents DL