French Revolution Journal Entry #3

It is quite factual to say that France’s economy is not in a great place, and I honestly do not know what I will do anymore. Due to our participation in the 7 years war and the American revolution, my country is now in a great debt that is near impossible to escape. Year after year, We have given our people a manageable amount of tax, yet the the debt has not been relieved. Added with the spendings of my wife, Marie, it seems as if there will forever be sums of money that we will need to pay off.

A year ago, I had hired a man named Calonne to help me control the finances, and he had found an economic system that was absolutely in a mess. He told me that we needed to fix things, and fix things quite fast. We had already been taxing our estates, but as the first and second estate voted against these taxes, it fell on our hard working third estate. The third estate has yet to make a contribution, however, that changes our economy. Calonne told me that we will now need to seek help from the nobility of France, so we gathered them in a meeting and informed them on the situation of France. I really wished that they would give me and the rest of the government of France a helping hand, yet they all decided against this plan and questioned Calonne’s validity in his work for the monarchy.

I dismissed him a while ago, and now without anyone to help me in financing my country, I am once again lost. I came to power at a state of ultimate debt, and not because I willed to, but because I was meant to do it. I am not talented as a ruler of this great country, and especially not during these times. I had not thought that the people were not content with the conditions before, with the taxes that heavily relied on them due to the first and second estate. Now because of one mistake after another, they are unhappy and ready to do things of the unthinkable. I do not know how to fix this, but I shall seek help from my nobles and figure it out.

2 responses to “French Revolution Journal Entry #3

  1. As a noble, I believe that we nobles should not and must not pay taxes. This would be an injustice to our status. If even status no longer means anything in this country, then this is not a country at all. Isn’t it enough to have 95% of the population paying taxes?
    In addition, I’m sure that you’ve heard about the Third Estate breaking away to form their own National Assembly. This is an unacceptable and rebellious act that must be quelled.

  2. Why should you have dismissed Calonne? His ideas supported the people, us, the the third estate. We are by far the poorest of all the estates, and yet we are the only ones to be taxed! He realized this and wanted to tax the much richer first and second estates, and wanted to approve the selling of Church-owned land. His ideas would have alleviated the great pressure that is on the poverty-struck third estate, if YOU had allowed them to be put into action. We blame YOU.

    I think that you should have included your own personal opinion about whether or not the First and Second Estates should be taxed or not, because it would have added an interesting perspective.

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