GIN Conference Success

The Grade 8 FA students and facilitators have had a busy couple weeks. So busy that we even had a “working weekend”. Our trip to the GIN (Global Issues Network) Conference at SCIS was extremely valuable and will further the grade 8s understanding of glocal issues and how to design solutions – essential for the Capstone project. The theme of the conference was EnGINeering¬†Zero Waste Cities and students listened to a number of keynote speakers, participated in student led workshops, and hands-on workshops connected to a variety of issues.

To get an insider’s peek, have a look at the following:

GIN 2016 Conference Website (the organizers will be placing videos and other multimedia from the weekend there)

#GINShanghai2016 feed on Twitter

Group Photos on our Media page!

News Coverage from local Shanghai News (in English)


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