Bootcamp: Getting Started with Bookmarks & Class Notebook

In today’s technology and OneNote session we are going to do a few things that will help us get organized for the year.

  1. Enable the bookmark bar on your browser
  2. Add four Starter Links to your bookmark bar
  3. Open Microsoft Classroom on OneDrive, and from there open at least one of your core notebooks in the OneNote app.

1. Enable Bookmark Bar

Your computer should have a variety of browsers installed. You can choose whichever browser you would like to use, however Chrome is recommended because of the extensions that can be added on (will be covered in a future tech session!).

To enable the bookmark bar in Chrome

  • Go to view > always show bookmark bar

To enable the bookmark bar in Safari:

  • Go to View > Show favorites bar

To enable bookmark bar in Firefox

  • Go to view > toolbars > bookmarks toolbar

2. Add Links to Bookmark Bar

Once the bookmark bar is enabled, add the following quick links (hint: drag/drop to bookmark bar)

  1. ISB Main Website
  2. Dragon’s Gate
  3. Microsoft OneDrive
  4. Futures Academy Website

3. Open ONE Core Class Notebook in the Desktop App

  1. Go to Microsoft OneDrive
  2. Login with your school email address and password
  3. Open Classroom online app (hint: look for the square icon pictured below, top left corner of screen)Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 2.28.22 PM
  4. From the classroom, select a class (see below G7 and G8 notebooks). Click on Notebook and hit “launch”. After it opens click “edit in OneNote” to open in the desktop application.


The Grade 7s will open their “G7 Personal Planner” Notebook

The Grade 8s will open their “G8 Project Notebook”



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