Entrepreneurship Project

Theme: Change

Topic: Entrepreneurship

Project: Small business creation

Driving Question: How do we use the principles of entrepreneurship to meet a community need?

Project Description: Did you know that there are 50 million businesses started each year!? It used to take lots of money, connections to royalty and an Ivy League degree to start a business. Now, all it takes is an idea! Who says you can’t start your own businesses at age 12? Did you know that the founder of IKEA started his first business as a small child? You are all have experience with entrepreneurship! Whether it’s the lemonade stand on the street corner; the snacks you sold from your lunches; or the chores you completed to earn money for college! This project is designed to help you further those skills in starting your own business!!!

In the Entrepreneurship project, students had to use the principles of entrepreneurship to meet a community need. Students were coached by entrepreneurs to help map out their start- up companies. In order to be successful with these small businesses, students needed to master skills including marketing, advertising, financial planning, and salesmanship. Money raised from student sales was donated help fund cleft palate surgeries for local orphans.


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