Phoenix Project

Unit Description: This unit is a collective unit that ISB Futures Academy will complete in alignment with the entire 7th grade. Students will be tasked to rebuild society after a devastating earthquake levels Beijing. Their main task will be to formulate government and feed the population. In the process they will learn about the complexities of key systems including government, the human body, the complexity of growing our own food, and the economy.

Project: At the onset of the unit, students will be given random identities to indicate their role in the new society. The roles have been developed to most closely reflect the demographic of our current population of Beijing. They will then be asked to formulate government and determine how to feed their population. Final products will include a group proposal, presentation and food production/ distribution model for their new society.

Driving Question: How do we, as a new society, feed our population?


  • Civics- Formulating laws and understanding roles various citizens play in society
  • Economics- Understand how economic decisions affect society
  • Research- Gather information from a variety of sources and judge validity of each
  • Argumentative Writing– Understand how to make claims and defend against counter claims
  • Speaking– Adjust tone and style for a wide range of audiences; use persuasive techniques to influence thinking
  • Geometry– Scale drawings and the drawing of geometric figures
  • Science– Food to fuel, body systems, photosynthesis, soil, aquaponic, hydroponic food growing systems

21st Century Skills Focus: Inquiry and Critical Thinking. Communication and Collaboration.

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