FA Space Race

Project Description: With an emphasis on collaboration in this project, students will work in teams of three or four people to complete the tasks. They will select a country to represent and develop a space program for and create a space rover, mission plan, recruitment video and website. Throughout the unit students will study changing understandings of the universe and the competition to innovate that has existed between countries throughout history. Ultimately, the students will reflect on the process of innovation throughout the unit and developed an understanding of what facilitates an external culture of innovation as well as one’s own ability to be innovative.

Project: Working in teams, students will create a website for their space program that includes a number of elements such as their mission plan, robotic rover design specs, and space program recruitment video. The students, in partnership with Creatica, will design and build rovers.

Essential Question: What drives innovation?


  • Science – Modeling, analyzing, and gathering data on the Solar System.
  • Math – Scale, rates, and ratios, integers and scientific notation. Building and revising scale models of the universe using ratios and proportions.
  • History – change and continuity, event significance, perspectives. An examination of the Space Race during the Cold War will provide a historical case study.
  • English Language Arts – Fiction reading will include Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner. Non Fiction reading will include a mixture of historical primary and secondary sources, in addition to current events found on Newsela.

21st Century Skills Focus: Creativity & Innovation, Communication & Collaboration.

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