Project Enable

Unit Description: This design unit will challenge students to design a device that will help somebody who suffers from a genetic disorder. Engagement in the process will require students to build conceptual understandings about the growth and development of organisms as well as the evolution of species.

Project: Students will select a monogenic disorder to study and determine the genetic causes of the disorder. They will then determine the disabilities that this disorder can cause and undergo the design process to prototype a device or system that will help enable a person with their selected disorder.

Essential Questions: How can understandings in science and innovations in technology improve the quality of life for others? 


  • Biology- Inheritance, protein synthesis, natural selection, evolution
  • Design Technology-Prototyping, pitching, iterating, utilizing feedback
  • Engineering-Modeling, scaling, testing

21st Century Skills Focus: Inquiry, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Innovation