Program Pillars

SB Futures Academy was created in order to empower ISB to more quickly reach its strategic plan. ISB Futures Academy is an educational model that introduces many of the structures necessary to achieve the following key initiatives:

  1. Increase relevant learning through authentic, compelling local and global engagements.
  2. Optimize each student’s capacity to learn through individualized experiences and opportunities.
  3. Nurture the whole child, including social-emotional, academic, and physical well- being.
  4. Invigorate ISB’s practice based on best research on teaching and learning methods and the changing realities of the 21st Century.
  5. Increase access to expertise and new learning opportunities through additional collaborative efforts and networks beyond ISB.

ISB Futures Academy achieves these goals through the introduction of unique approaches to learning which are circled in the diagram below and further explained in the sub- pages.

Approaches to Learning

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