Project Based Learning

Explanation: Project- Based Learning is the major driver for learning in ISB Futures Academy. Through authentic, real- world, integrated projects, students are able to acquire much of the ISB curriculum as well as the objectives and understandings for the thematic units. Project Based Learning:

  • Increases student engagement
  • Allows for student choice
  • Allows students to go deeper into subject- specific content and gain broader understandings
  • Allows for the integration of learning across subject- areas

How: Projects in ISB Futures Academy are created for two different purposes:

  • Deliver the necessary content of the integrated unit of study
  • Allow students to connect to individual passions and pursuits

The table below indicates the projects planned for each grade level:

Grade 7 Grade 8
Identity IBook Creation Change – FA Space Race
Phoenix Disaster Project Interactions – Project Consume
Entrepreneurship Project Discovery – The Future We Build
“Day in the Life of” Project Impact – Capstone Project
Project Blue Sky

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