Verina Di Falco

Verina Di Falco has been in education for 5 years and is beginning her first year in ISB’s Futures Academy. She has a passion for inquiry-based learning and loves creating dynamic and engaging lessons to help students fully engage with course material. She began teaching in Ottawa, Ontario, and moved to China just over 4 years ago, to help develop and expand a Nova Scotia based school in Shijiazhuang, then later in Beijing. She holds two bachelor degrees from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa in both History and Education, as well as a diploma for nutrition, from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 

Ms. Di Falco believes that learning occurs in many different forms and mediums, and it is therefore crucial as an educator to develop diverse, and inquiry-based lessons that are necessary for some, but beneficial for all. This year is sure to be exciting, full of new challenges, and deeply rewarding.