Aaron Moniz

Aaron Face Paint 2

Aaron Moniz is a proud “Third Culture Kid”, a result of the IB Diploma International School system and now even more proud to be giving back to the coolest population of students and families in the world. Having grown up in Canada, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, Aaron completed his undergraduate Honors Bachelors of Science in Psychology in Toronto, Canada. From that point set back out into the international sphere to work in learning support for five years in Casablanca, Morocco. While in Casablanca, he received a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Teaching Secondary English Literature and an additional Special Education Specialization which supported him taking on the role of Learning Support, EAL and Remedial Reading Coordinator. With this experience gained, it was time to set sights on new horizons and learn about new cultures and populations. This year marks Aaron’s 8th year in education and third year teaching at ISB. Aaron is a firm believer that all students have immense potential and all students have needs that they can explore so that they may flourish into global-minded, creative, responsible and ethical individuals. It is this quest of seeking and transforming potential that brought Aaron to the field of education, has kept him engaged in teaching for this long and fuels the desire to continue helping to shape minds that will contribute to making our local and larger communities better places.


Aaron is also a proud member of Global Issues Consulting group Occupy Middle School, proud facilitator of Futures Public Radio at ISB and part of the Adult Wellness Program at ISB.  Aaron’s experiences in EAL and Learning Support at ISB, his experience and conviction in Futures Academy learning philosophy and his passion for global issues and ‘teaching all to impact all’ mentality is what drives him as the 7th-grade team leader for Futures Academy.