Kelsey Giroux


UntitledKelsey is a proud member of the Futures Academy community since 2015! This year, she is excited to take on the dual role of MS Futures Academy Program Coordinator and HS Interdisciplinary Course Leader.

This year marks her twelfth year as an Educator, spanning three countries to date. She started her teaching career in Canada, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education (major in Social Studies). In Canada, she taught primarily grades eleven and twelve, including DP History. She left Canada for Vietnam and spent three years working at the United Nations School of Hanoi. While there, she developed a passion for teaching Middle School. In her last year in Hanoi, she studied Educational Technology in and has a large interest in using technology in an effective and transformative way in the classroom. In August 2014, she embarked on a new adventure which brought her to Beijing and the ISB community. Over 2015-16 school year, she completed in Master’s Degree in International Education Administration.

Kelsey strongly believes that good relationships paired with high expectations encourage student growth. Students in her classroom are challenged to be independent learners through asking questions, trying new things, and thinking critically.


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