Giving You Wings – Red Bull

The cold night wind roared between the piles of garbage, the moon spying at us from the dark skies above. I sat helplessly in the pile, still as a rock, and shivered as I felt the frigidness settle into my body. Why did the world have to be so cruel? I was promised a bright life in front of me – WE were promised a bright life, until this happened to all of us. We were thrown away, abandoned in this atrocious wasteland of a place once they were done with us. I stared across the site, the mountains of cans and bags shifting like sand dunes under the gusts. I tried to shut out my sinister thoughts. Even the stars, whose eyes would normally sparkle with joy, now felt dimmed, obscured by the curtain of fog in my discordant mind.

Yes, I was an aspirant at first, determined to serve my job. I shut my eyes and dreamt, dreamt of the first day when I was created and I thought I was special…


A burning light pierced my eyes. I opened my eyes groggily, still trying to adjust to my new body. I blinked a few times, trying to adapt to the brightness, and finally saw my surroundings clearly. I found myself on a blue conveyer belt, everything around me zipping past my eyes. Huge metallic machines operated, whirling with action, and colorful lights and screens flickered with different images. Millions of questions ran through my mind, but I simply looked around further – I was one of hundreds and hundreds of other cans, being processed to serve… to serve whatever purpose those humans wanted. My memory was indeed blurry, and trying to get an image from it was beyond painful. I scoured my fuzzy mind, trying to get anything about how I got here, what happened to me, and what could be forthcoming – and with some focus and concentration, pictures flashed through my mind.

I was in a midnight cave, and I was surrounded by stones… No, I was the stones. A light cracked open from above, and the thundering noise of a drill echoed through the cavern, quaking the stones. The images shifted, and I was part of a sheet – a sheet of aluminum weighing tons, and I saw myself entering a steel machine. Darkness enveloped me as I entered slowly, and my memory shifted again. I was an aluminum can like I am now, and I found myself on a conveyer belt, entering and exiting machines, going in and away from midnight blackness, exiting each with a new modification… I only remembered one voice – the voice of an employee. “You will be recycled… that is our promise…” before…

I jerked back to reality. I exited the last production machine, now rinsed in water and cleaned. The whirling noises quieted down, and in front of me stood huge pipes full of red and orange waters. The sweet scent of sugar filled the room. I watched as a stream of energy drink trickle into me, and a refreshing sensation of energy filled my head. I realized my sense of emptiness from before – No strength, no spirit. Before, I was desolate, fatigued with this dullness I’ve had. But now, I was saturated with vitality, with power – something I’ve never had before. I was gifted with this unusual gift of courage and valor. I felt as if I was no longer the piece of metal I was, but something brand new – as if I was on top of the world, as if I had wings, like the eagles and hawks in the skies high above.

Time flew by as I felt my energy continue to pulse through me. My surroundings were a blur – I was under blazing lights, then blanketed by layers of plastic, and encompassed by other cans just like me, all filled with that liquid of energy. I gave all no attention. At first, I felt strong – brimming with the energy drink, but as time passed a sense of anxiety began to settle in. I began to think – about what just happened, about why I was given this amazing gift of power, and what was going to happen to all of us, packed tightly in boxes or packs, being moved around. My mind was cut off from my thinking and imagining when I was encompassed and blanketed by layers of midnight darkness again, but this time it was different. I felt as if the abyss was swallowing us whole, and we, along with hundreds of other cans packed tightly into boxes, was thrown into a huge container of black. I heard the mighty roar of an engine, and we shook with turbulence. Were we… moving?

The floor trembled and I heard the clink of cans colliding with each other. It sounded muffled and muted, as if we were covered in soundproofing. Another rumble, and I felt the quaking, and my feeling of angst rose up from my heart again. More images began scrolling through my mind, images of my thoughts, imagination and suspicions of what was to happen…

Anxiety turned into panic when I heard a mayhem of an uproar. My heart skipped a beat as I felt a surge of weightlessness. A chill wisped from nowhere, and I felt myself shivering – shivering with the cold, shivering with the fear.

We rocketed skywards, the engines thundering still resounded through the hull. Everything was pitch black, and I felt as if the box I was packed in is getting tighter and tighter… I had trouble breathing. I tried to move, attempting to nudge what confined me, maybe fall on my sides to roll – all with no luck, as my restrictions felt they were closing in on me further more. I could hear my heart racing even over the roaring wind. We were imprisoned.

After what felt like ages and ages of waiting, I noticed an ease in the noise. An explosion of turbulence broke out in wherever I was, and it quieted down into silence. I held my breath, terrified of what’s to happen, but the only surprise I had was pleasant. I saw a bright light open – a sliver of light opening up into an entrance, devouring the darkness. A human stepped out and I felt his hands carrying us, carrying us all the way onto some shelves under blazing lights, right beside the other cans. There were hundreds of people passing by the shelves, looking and wandering, as if we were on exhibition.


And then came the lifetimes of waiting. I sat on the shelf, waiting and waiting for something to happen. I watched people come and go, walk towards and away… I would just wait. Sometimes I would stare at the brilliant lights, or glare at the cold dull metal surface we sat on, contemplating what has happened to me. I was created, yes, but why? I was a can of energy drink, still filled with vitality, but now I simply perch on this shelf and dawdle until anything happens?

Until finally, one day, a person came to pick me up. I felt the man’s grasp, his fingers gripping me, and I fell into a net of white plastic. Pain shot up my sides as I felt the ache from the fall. I was eager for anything to happen when I was waiting, but now my feeling of panic settled back in. I was mortified. The plastic bag swung in the air as the man walked, and with each swing the suspense in my mind grew – the unease of my fate. I was looking up at the shred of the sky exposed from the plastic bag when something hard hit me. A rock – that fool of a man has swung his bag into a rock. Does he know how to walk properly? It was a split second until the pain has settled in, and my head buzzed with agony. My vision blurred from the impact, and my view finally turned to black.

This was torture.


I couldn’t remember how long it was since I passed out. Days, maybe weeks, but I knew that I’d rather have stayed unconscious than suffered what was to come. I woke up to the man’s fingers, popping my seal as I heard an explosion in my head – the sound of a thousand bubbles being released. Unfortunately, I knew what this meant. I felt the man’s mouth, draining the drink out of me. I stared in horror, struggling to comprehend the sheer pain this felt like. He was a vampire – I was gifted with energy, with power, and now this cruel creature of inhumanity is siphoning my vitality, my life, strait out of me. I remembered when I was created, the feeling of when I received the power – all of that, being funneled strait away by this man. Imagine you were gifted a superpower, and before you could do anything, you were trapped in a midnight cell, petrified on a shelf for people to look at, and now this monstrous being is draining that power right out of you along with your own original energy. It was worse than that… so much worse.

I closed my eyes, refusing to accept this fact, but as I struggled to scream with pure agony, a new sensation appeared. I was greeted with a new consciousness, of that part of me in the man’s mind. I chose to focus on that, ignoring the pain that was in the old metal husk of my body. I looked through the man’s eyes, saw from the man’s perspective. I was on a grass field. In front of me stood a huge rectangle of white, netted with white rope. Betwixt me and that gate stood eleven different people, each wearing a shirt of orange. Behind me was the exact same image, except there were ten people, and were in purple. I was part of the purple, I realized. I was part of the man’s mind. I stared down at my feet. In front of me was a black and white sphere, placed right on top a line of white, in the middle of a circle. What was this? A whistle rang across the field, and the man’s instincts took over. He flashed and dodged between players in orange, controlling the sphere with his feet. Why he didn’t just use his hands, I didn’t know. Humans were gifted with such wonderful gifts and they choose not to use them. What fools.

As I looked out the man’s eyes, he ran past everyone but one, and as I stared, the ball flew up with such force towards the gate it rattled the metal bars. The last man leaped towards the ball, desperate to grab it with his hands. This one was smart, huh, finally using his hands. The ball flew past the last man, and slammed the nets and flew right through the gate. As the man walked back in triumph and accompanied with the roars of the audience, I felt my mind starting to flicker. My vision blinked out like a dying flame.

I was back to my mind as a useless shell of a can. I stared down in disappointment and filled with torment, trying to think what I did wrong, what mistakes I’ve ever made to deserve a fate like this – teased with power, but only to have it taken away from me for humans to serve their own good. I was still contemplating when I saw the man walk towards me, picked me up, and threw me towards a metal can. He seemed discouraged, and he threw me without a flicker of care. I dropped next to but not in the can, and I shivered as a draft picked me up and threw me towards the sky.

I blinked back to reality, back to this wasteland. I was supposed to be recycled, I remembered, but I ended up here. I was supposed to be remade, and brand new.


Our sculpture represents a typical landfill, the disposal of our everyday objects. A tree towers next to the litter, built up by our waste. Through our sculpture, we hope to convey the impact of our trash to the environment.

Below are links to background information and stories about some of our products:

BB Cream – Sally K

Sun Chips – Lian W

Teflon Pan – Mikayla H

Kraft Mac & Cheese – Reina Z

Ferrero Rocher – Erica K

Laundry Detergent – Serena C

The Journey of Pringles


It was winter, I woke up and I was with a lot of my friends and family on the shelves. We were at somewhere called “Walmart” where others like me that are shaped different live, until I got separated by something gigantic but warm. I didn’t yell for help or anything because it was soft, warm and so comfortable. Then I felt like being at home, where I belong. Every day he puts parts of me in his mouth he made a crunchy sound. Until one day I had nothing to give. So he didn’t want me anymore because I fulfilled his want and then I had no purpose to him anymore, so he put me on a truck where it was dark and smelly and it took me to where all us end up.

The next day, I was at my new home, reunited with all my friends and family. I was happy but there was just one thing I couldn’t fulfill, it just felt like something is taken away from me. So then I escaped to try and search for my owner. I rolled night and days for months but I didn’t find him.

I woke up somewhere, floating in the water. Then I went under the water and saw that it was a whole new beautiful world, where it’s so quiet until I saw creatures, monsters dragging me around. I wanted to get out there as fast as I can, but I couldn’t move, I was out of air, drowning, helpless. I thought I was going to die but then, someone that looked like my owner fished me up and took me back to the place where all of us was not wanted. At this moment I knew that this is where I die, I was cold and soggy so I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes I saw a lot of things that looked like my owner but in different sizes, colors and shapes. With my friends and family again until I got taken by something warm and soft. I served a purpose to them again. And this whole process was going on loop, waking up, getting taken by something and ending up where all of us are useless and then waking up like we are brand new, and then again and again.

Until one day I was at the place where all of us serve no purpose anymore so I closed my eyes hoping to be new again, and then I opened my eyes but I was still here so I closed my eyes again, but this time when I opened my eyes I was in something red and the thing warmer than usual covered my body.

I saw my friends turning into smoke and ashes and then I wasn’t in a solid form anymore, I feel like gas and I was so light, I could travel the world now and to find all of my owners! I finally found my original owner, just when I was going to say hi I went to the clouds and days later I finally fell back down, not as gas, not as cardboard but as water. There were so many others like me, maybe millions, billions or even trillions.

The Legacy of a Marshmallow

There exists­­ a mysterious entity. None knows who he is. No one knows his origins nor his intentions. This character rarely emits but a single sound. And when he does speak, his speech is even more enigmatic and mystifying than his character. His name, unknown. His motivations, cryptic. His ambiguity, absolute. And his name is known to only me, Jet.


I am this “mysterious character” that I had described up there. In actuality, I’m not actually as perplexing as I’d like to be. My friend, Puff, says that I am far too dramatic. I think it’s because my life is so boring. All we marshmallows do is just sit around and get pulled by “The Conveyor”, something that’s actually mysterious and interesting in our lives. Our lives are pretty monotonous with but minor changes in our lifestyle. However, now Puff and I are stuck in a mysterious black incarceration chamber that the meaty giants call “The Trash Can”. It seems Puff and I will be spending the rest of our days in “The Trash Can”. But first, let me tell you the story of how I ended in such a mess.


My friend, Puff, asked me, “Dude, you ever wonder why us marshmallows are called marshmallows?”


Puff always asks peculiar questions such as those. Then again, it was a rather thought-provoking question. When did we agree upon the name marshmallow or rather was it the meaty giants that had named us that? The meaty giants were these odd creatures that had two limbs which they walked upon and two other limbs with which they performed tasks with. They spoke our tongue however they could not hear us and never spoke to us. The meaty giants didn’t bother us very often unless we were old or deformed.


I wished that the meaty giants would bother us to make our lives, my life, more interesting. I wished the meaty giants would make our uneventful lives into an Epic, a tale of the ages. And the hero of this story, the knight in shining armor, would be none other than yours truly. That was what I wished. I wished that there would be something interesting in the colorless canvas of my marshmallow life. It seems that wish had quickly came true.


Puff asked, eyeing ‘The Conveyor’, “Hey Jet, is it just me or does ‘The Conveyor’ seem to end over there?”

“I didn’t think ‘The Conveyor’ had an end,” I replied. “Did we find some unexplored area?”

“I don’t know but were getting there pretty fast.”


Since we marshmallows rely on ‘The Conveyor’ itself to move, we couldn’t move away from the end of it.


“Jet, it’s not stopping!”

“Oh sweet sugar,” I uttered before we reached the end of ‘The Conveyor’


The black carpet from which we sat upon suddenly disappeared beneath our bottom sides. Despite such a dire situation and our possible death, it felt exhilarating to have such movement, movement free from ‘The Conveyor’. An odd invisible force rushed past my face. It was not there yet it stung my eyes and made my face feel cold. The invisible force seemed to ruffle my soft fluffy skin. Puff and I had barely uttered a cry before we fell into a pit filled with many other marshmallows. As we landed, the translucent incarceration sealed up and the screams of the marshmallows were muffled.


I heard a nearby marshmallow ask, “What are we going to do?”


To be honest I had no idea. We were in some detainment chamber. Certain places of the prison were covered by large white squares that said the words Jetpuffed. The bag was filled tightly with layers upon layers of marshmallows. My thoughts were quickly stopped by a nauseous gas that filled the chamber as the world faded to black.


I didn’t know how long it was. How long I spent inside the prison, waiting to awaken. Was I dead? For that period of time, I had actually considered that I had died. However, my fate ended up being crueler than death.


I awoke with the tearing noise of my prison. It seemed that the meaty giants had freed us.


“Now class, remember: one marshmallow per person,” said a meaty giant.


Before we marshmallows even had time to get up, our translucent incarceration chamber turned upside down. The invisible force acted upon us again, running past our faces.


It seemed that Puff had finally awoken as we cried at the top of his lungs, “Woah! How’d we get here?”


We landed softly onto a large, gleaming white saucer. Barely after we landed, enormous meaty claws grabbed marshmallows all around. I watched as one marshmallow was violently abducted barely uttering a scream of terror before he was popped into the mouth of the meaty giant. The meaty giant gruesomely devoured the marshmallow with enormous white rocks in its mouth slowly tearing the marshmallow’s body into multiple pieces. Although the meaty giants had released, they were also going to eat us. I glanced at Puff. Despite not saying a word we both knew what to do. Run!


Ever so slowly we edged across the saucer, dodging the meaty hands as they tried to grab us.


“Now class! Remember only one marshmallow!”


We were close to the edge of the white saucer. Just a couple more nudges and we would be free from the carnivorous meaty giants and we would be able to return home. It seems that fate had read my mind as we were grabbed by a meaty giant. This giant’s hand was oily and covered in a strange liquid that I believe meaty giants call sweat. I struggled to slip out of the giant’s grip but the meaty giant’s strength was iron strong. It seemed that the sweat had saved our lives as we quickly slipped out of the claw and landed softly on a black fabric ground.


The larger giant asked the meaty giant that just kidnapped us, “Now, now Elizabeth, what do when we drop food on the ground?”

The meaty giant looked at her blankly for a second, “We eat the food?”

“No Elizabeth,” said the larger giant, “We have to throw the food away because it’s dirty and we can’t eat it anymore.”


Throwing us away? Where will they throw us and how hard will they throw us?


The large meaty giant picked me and Puff in one claw. We tried to resist but it was futile, we were completely and utterly paralyzed. This claw had an odd feeling to it as it was much more wrinkled however more moisturized. The claw felt fake as if chemicals had been rubbed over them. Why would anyone want to rub chemicals on their hands? The meaty giant held us in their claw over a shiny silver object. The meaty giant used the limbs on which they stand on to press an odd contraption to reveal a dark abyss.


“Please don’t drop us in there,” prayed Puff. “I beg of you Osiris, please don’t let that giant drop us in to that black hole thing.”

“Sorry little guys, I have to throw you in to the trash can,” said the giant that was holding


It is a little known fact but we marshmallows originated in Ancient Egypt so we pray to the gods of Egypt.


“Well I guess this is goodbye Puff,” I said.

“It was nice knowing, Jet,” Puff replied as we fell in to the void.


Now we are stuck in this dark prison called ‘The Trash Can’. I think it silly that just a little while ago I wanted trouble to make my life interesting. Now not only did I almost get eaten, but also my life is still absolutely boring as now Puff and I will spend the rest of our days in ‘The Trash Can’ where we will become stale and rot to death




A glistening light shines in my eyes as I slowly rise from the spot at which I lie on. I scan my surroundings and see that I am surrounded by many things that I have but the faintest idea of what they are. I then hear a loud beeping noise from behind me. I turn my head to see an enormous yellow machine pushing things with its enormous scooping mouth in the front. However, I didn’t have much time to look at it as the machine was quickly heading towards us. I knew that whatever it was, meeting it head-on was not a good idea. And then I heard a voice call out to me.



The epic journey of Bath Bombs

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“Once upon a time there was nothing, and then there were bath bombs! Get your bath bombs today! Feels extra clean and relaxing, 100% organic bath!” a thought keeps ringing in my head.

It all started when I heard a loud poof! and then I awoke to the sensation of some warm, colorful powder. My first blink, I felt shining like the bright stars above me. Looking around, I saw Enormous Giants wheeling green people who look just like me. Where are they taking them to? Will I get taken away? I turned back to my space, and found out that there were clones just like me! A mix of white and yellow.

One of my clones acknowledged me that each of our colors represent a tribe. She told me that she was our tribe leader, the HoneyMoon. And that my name is Popcorn, whatever that means. There were a few mix of pink and blue ones on top of the white-yellow, and there were one next to me. Hello, I said. This pink one just smiled at me, I’m assuming she rolled off from her pink-blue group. What reaction you would get when you talk to liquids? A fizz-ical reaction. She giggled, whoa, I never had a buddy, or even less, a friend. “I’m Heidi”, she said. She looked like me, although more beautiful and wealthier as the princess she is. I’m just a poor ignorant, who just follows my guard leader. “I’m…”, I stammered lost of words.

Soon, big hands grab our plastic shields apart. And I felt so free, as I gasp my first breathe of this outside world. “Let’s explore this world together”, I said to her. But we were thrown into a brown-moody colored box. I don’t know how long we were in there, but certainly, I felt earthquake every seven “bath bomb” minutes. I was held up again, but the surroundings look different, and even nightmarish. There were also a big family of the Giant who picked me up. Although some had long, curly hair, and the others had yellow, short hair. They don’t really seem so bad. But we got an even bigger surprise.

I felt like I just came out of a multicolored, sprinkle world. There were the green people I saw a few days ago. A family of white-blue spheres, the Frozen tribe. Just about 29 bath bomb minutes, a loud bell tingled. Enormous Giants brushed into the room, they stormed around, looking vicious and hungry. We were next thrown into another box, sort of like the one where they put me into. A lot of people took the tribes, and they were screaming. I personally don’t think that they’re that bad. They actually seem nice. And then I was taken, too.

Heidi looked further away now, as I was put into a black sack. “Sold!” a grinning Giant said. I felt lifted away from here. After a while, I called to Heidi, It’s alright! I hope. Again, shipped into a new surroundings. This time next to a massive white box. “That must be the Enormous Giant bed”, I wondered aloud. It looked just like the moody-brown box, but in bleach-white form, or so I thought.

Where is Heidi? It has been two bath bomb days. I bet she is still at the store, left alone wandering. I can’t bear to see her beautiful face shining in sorrow. A bath bomb month has past. Three months and 26 days. And I’ve been waiting since. I’m calm, because I just know that Heidi will come to me one day, today. Nope, 8 months and 49 days. I’ve been worried sick about her, I don’t know whether she has a new owner to work for, or had she been destroyed.

On one faithful day, the least I expected. The Enormous Giant had me cornered. I struggled to save Heidi. He grabbed me instead, that’s when I learnt that every ball is right about these Enormous Giants. This one, filled his bed with transparent liquid. “That’s weird”, I thought. So I gingerly stepped away from his bed. My tribe leader had once warned me about even touching a certain liquid. Yet, that Giant had me cornered. And he dropped me off twelve of bath bomb feet, landing in a soft plunk! “Hey, get off me!” The evil liquid said. “Hey! Yo! Can you hear me? You’re polluting my beautiful color!” Well, he had some color, it was a see-through, transparent, like the Moonlight tribe. My face started tearing away. I screamed, just like the other balls in their tribes. I was beginning to see what was the purpose I served. How stupid was I to think that they have feelings?! How was I fooled all along that Heidi may come to me?! I guess as a real ball to protect Heidi the whole time.

My last thoughts surround me in a swirl of white and yellow. I feel my body stretch apart, pulling to and fro, fizzing hardly. It is very painful to watch, and even more painful to feel. Drenched in myself and this liquid, I can only think of myself as my own hero for saving Heidi.

The Journey of a Golf Ball

What would you do, if you were lost in a golf course, with no one to help you. Having no idea where your owner is, and no idea how long you have been gone. Well that is exactly what happened to me 3 years ago, July, 2013. “Your uncle bought you that golf ball for your 10th birthday, it’s not meant to be played on a course.” Ben said.


“Dude, I lost all my other balls, it’s my last one left, this is the last hole, I swear I won’t lose it.” My owner replied, hearing this made me the happiest golf ball alive. I can’t believe that my owner will finally play with me! My owner put me on a thin wooden stick, that is sticking straight out of the short grass, I saw him pull out a long metal stick. My owner held the metal stick so close to my face so that it barely touches me. After a short moment of silence, “WHACK!” I heard, I was soaring through the sky, this was the best feeling I have ever had in my entire life, I looked down at the Earth slowly fading away. Then I stopped accelerating upwards, and started going down. Then I hit a thick, rough, branch and instantly bounced sideways. “AGGH, CRAP!” I heard my owner’s voice echo in the distance, and slowly everything faded black, until everything around me was gone.


I woke up, feeling a bit dizzy after that rough ride. I decided to follow the wind and try to catch up to my owner, but I’m not sure how long it’s been since I have blacked out. I kept on moving with the wind, along the way to find my owner I saw a big white patch on the floor, I moved a little bit closer to see what it was. As I kept on moving I saw that the white patch was a group of lost golf balls, just like me. These golf balls are also trying to find their owner, I decided to stay with them so we can work together, and I just want some people who has shared the same experiences as me before. Some of them are actually quite new to the clan, just like me, but some have been searching for their owner for years. I wondered if I would be just like that, searching for our owners for years, thinking about that I just got a little worried.


I wasn’t really sure how long it was since I have fainted, who knows I probably could have been unconscious for the past 5 hours and my owner could be long gone. I had to make sure that my owner is still on this course, and if he is I have to take this opportunity. I asked some of the golf balls if they knew a place where we could be able to check the time, but none of them were even aware of what time is.


We went around the course looking for our owners, but no luck. It was dark here, and I assumed that no one would play golf at this time. We found another ball who lost his owner, he said that he was looking for his owner for about 9 hours already. I thought, maybe he knew what time it was. “Do you know what the time is currently?” I asked the new-comer.


“Sorry, I don’t know the current time, all I know is that it is the year 2015.” He replied. After hearing this I knew that things just got so much worse than it was. I realized that I didn’t just faint, I was in a coma for two years.


For the next few months the few hundreds of us just went around going through all the holes on this golf course, looking for our owners, every day or so a new golf ball joins our clan and follows us. As the day’s fly by, one by one. I started thinking about my owner, and what he would be doing now. I come up with weird possibilities and they all fill up my mind for the next few months.


Almost one year has gone by and although some of the golf balls have found their owners, none of the owners took the golf balls back, that made me wonder if my owner would take me back when we get together. Why wouldn’t the owners take the golf ball back?


Soon after a year we still didn’t find our owners, but over the time one of the golf balls got taken back by their owner. I then look up and saw some meaty claws that grabbed on to some of us golf balls. The meaty claws felt like my owner’s meaty claws, so I thought he might be my way home. Soon all the golf balls got put in a dark place.


After spending 5 months in a box with other golf balls, surrounded by other boxes full of golf balls too. My box finally got to get moved out, we got on a bumpy ride and a few hours later we stopped. I had no idea where we were. A human came over and carried our box to a plate and just poured us on the plate.


I looked up and tried to see if my owner was here, but, no luck. I saw a bunch of humans lined up, hitting golf balls out to a field and taking new ones from the plate in front of them, soon I got to get hit by the humans, maybe he is my new owner? But he sure wasn’t I kept on getting recycled and recycled. I wonder if this is how my life will end up being like, no owner, just completely homeless.


One day I found out my owner was here, and the amazingly I was in the plate right in front of his. He kept on hitting golf balls out to the field, finally he picked me up. I was so happy! He was going to take me back! I heard my owner mumble as he stared surprised at me, “To Joe. Happy 10th birthday!”


After hearing this I knew that he recognized me, he instantly put me in his comfy pocket, and after that I just lived on his shelf, back at his house, living happily ever after.

Life of Ketchup

The research PPT for this project.

This is my narrative, LIFE of Ketchup.

“So this is where I am now? Delhi landfill, India, Kartika river?” I said. “yes, you poor plastic bottle, how did u even get here?” one of them asked. I answered no, and introduced them about I used to work for Heinz ketchup. “you’re a plastic bottle, no way, you looks like a blackened remains of some dirty thing.” “Well, that’s going to be a long story, and I don’t want to talk about it,” I answered. When the sun falls down, I fall into sleep, maybe because of the question they asked this morning or so, I started to dreaming about my unexposed past…

Today is a big day for Heinz they are a lot of raw plastic that is coming today. I am one of it. I am excited because this is the first trip I am been since I have been extracted. “Unload the materials!” I heard someone said. Than The transforming machine starts working, there is a huge iron tube suddenly suck all of us into it, which turned us into a completely dark area, then I felt an extremely thermal heat coming up from somewhere, I lost myself…

Next time woke up I am on a truck again, but not only me, I became to a shape of the plastic bottle! And There was a girl who is sleeping inside my body! Is she like my organs now? I asked myself. “who are you, why are you here!” I shouted. She or he didn’t answer. When I start to look around me, I got impressed. I am surrounded by a bunch of plastic bottles which has the same looking as me. At the packaging paper, I found we were made for the red liquid(organs?) inside me, we were made for being a container. I started to understand why there was a thermal heat coming out at the factory. When the truck stopped, we arrived at the biggest harbor in this area…

We spent more than 1month in one of the containers on this cargo ship which was just dark. I realized that we are not important at all, the whole point of ketchup it’s the red thing in my body. Unfortunately, my core falls into a vegetable, she can’t do anything now. When we got off the ship, I was annoyed by the environment near me, it’s so hot here and full with insects. “hey hey, dude, where are we?” I whispered to 15334, the friend I made, this guy’s zip code is the closest to me, mine is 15333. “Who knows, this is like another harbor? I think we are in a different country now.” He replied after detecting the surrounding. After about an hour, our container got to lift up from the ship, we got separated, 15334 and I were shift into a 711 fast store. We were dreaming about what is going to happen after we get consumed during the way to shop. However, in the next few weeks, no one has ever visited this area, people just buy necessary supplies, no one visited the sauce area. After a week, I heard the storekeeper said he is forced to sell this 711 because people here is too poor, he can’t really earn money in this area. The storekeeper sold out all of the goods at a super low price, 15334 and I were transformed into a ketchup lover’s family in this country, they are the wealthy here. We didn’t get eaten immediately, we were put into a warehouse.

One day, little kids walk into the warehouse, I don’t know what is he doing here, maybe he is just playing around. Suddenly, he came and using his tender hand to grab me up, and threw me away. I suddenly got dumped to a trash can, I can hear one of the adults said:” why did you throw the ketchup away, fine, I will just buy a new one, it’s already dirty.(sigh)” “NO, you can’t just ditch, I haven’t been used!” I shouted, but no one listened. At the second day, The plastic bag got picked by an old man and brought me to the garbage place…

And that’s how I got here.

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