Project Consume Exhibition

In Project Consume, students selected a consumer product to investigate. In their investigation they determined the chemical compounds and traced the origins of those ingredients. In tracing the origin, students located parts of the world that the compound is sourced from. Using the sustainability triangle, they examined and evaluated the impact of extracting that resource. Next, they investigated the rest of the product life cycle from production, to distribution, to consumption, to disposal and at each stage assessed the sustainability impact. They then used those understandings to inform others about factors to consider when making consumer choices shared through two main communication modes: a digital report on the research findings and sustainability impact, a creative short story about part of the life of the product.

For a glimpse of each student’s individual project work, please click here.

Inspired by how organisations, artists, and businesses communicate in the real world the exhibition for this project took a different form. Working in small groups, students used the design cycle to created an installation piece to attract the ISB community to engage with their information presented on this website.o increase the challenge level further, and to fit with our key theme of sustainability in this project students made their installations out of re-purposed materials! Some groups opted to create a landing page for all projects and created one QR code to access, other groups opted to create a different QR code for each project. The installations were on display in various locations around the ISB campus.

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Christ-Mess Tree

Did you know that as many as six million Christmas trees, enough to stretch end to end from London to the North Pole and back, will be incinerated or dumped into landfill sites in Britain once the festive season is over, or that there is enough wrapping paper thrown away each year to go to the moon from the UK only. We are CMCDC. CMCDC stands for Cheez-Its, M&Ms, Cheetos, Doritos, and Cheetos (again). We all decided to collide on this project because the one thing we all have in common is the plastic bag surrounding our project. These pages below are the sites of each of our individual projects. These sites answer questions to sustainability and how to make our own community more sustainable and better for the future.

Cheetos Unpacked

Story & Analysis of M&M’s

Cheez-Its are Simply Awesome

Life of Cheetos

Life of Doritos

Sanitary Hands

Our project and mission is to remind people to wash their hands and keep themselves sanitary. So what were going to do is collect big cardboard boxes and tape 2 gloves on there, one dirty and one clean, and at the bottom of the gloves we will summarize what the cause and effects will be.

Our project and mission is to remind people to wash their hands and keep themselves sanitary. So what were going to do is collect big cardboard boxes and tape 2 gloves on there, one dirty and one clean, and at the bottom of the gloves we will summarize what the cause and effects will be.

Glen Zhang
Veronica Lockett
Alex Biggs
Nefertiti Chang




Try This

Hello there! We are students from FA and we’d like to show you what we’ve been doing. Recently we’ve been working on a project researching a certain food product. However, our focus on this project is learning the sustainability of our products. The results are below: 


Jet-puffed Marshmallows

The Legacy of a Marshmallow   Eric

Trident Adventure Gum

Project Consume – Jeffrey. T  Jeffrey

Bubble Yum Bubble Gum

Project Consume: The Life of Bubble Yum  Oliver

Wrigley’s Doublemint Strip Gum

The Life Of Gum  David

Rocky Mountain Marshmallows

Project Consumption – Owen  Owen

Orbit Gum

The Orbit Gum Jasmine

The Orbit Gum




“This is my story”, said I in the trash.


On a cold winter day, a box of orbit gum is sent into the Jasmine’s shop. “We will be together; nobody will break us.” Said the me. So we stay and stay; we sleep on the night, we talk on the morning, but we are being frightened, we are afraid that if one day, someone will pick us, someday we won’t be together anymore. We don’t know what is would happen after we were been bought. But, unluckily we have to be bought buy some one now, or we’re off the shelf life or been throw away.  And now, we’re on the sales promotion counter, where it’s the most obvious place. “I hope no one will buy us, and it will be much better if we’ve been throw away, FOREVER!”, said the I. Our life is still going on, with fear and happiness.


Then that day come. On a hot summer day, a sweaty woman came in. She has a beautiful face but with a smelly mouth; her whole face looked very unhappy. She said aloud:” Do you have any cheap gum? I want some of them”, “Please follow me.” So he leads the women to the sales promotion counter:” Here are the all”, said the man with a cold shoulder. The woman walked toward the counter: “OH, this looks good”, she pointed at Green Arrow, “that’s 4 dollars, sir”, said the man. “Do you have something else, you know, I want something cheap”. ” these orbit would be a good choice for you, they’re only 1$. ” Enn, I would like to buy them”. So she takes the of box orbit.


The woman piles the plastic packaging off the orbit. “NO!”, said the I, “What does she wants to do!? Everybody turn to defense mode!”, I almost cried out. We stick on the box sturdy, and wait quietly in the box. “1, 2, 3!”, I count in my heart; the women open the box; so bright. thought I; I’ve never been under the light like that, it drives me dizzy. Then I feel I’m being pulled, a strong energy is pulling me! “NO! Don’t! Orbit, come back! Wait!”, said Orbital; he is my best friend in the orbit family. I couldn’t talk; I just feel like dead. I could hardly see that I’m being stuck into a black hole; Suddenly, I feel my body was in pain like someone is squeeze me, then I realize, I was being eaten and I’m going to die.


I feel my heart is pumping, and I tried to escape; no use; my body was ravaged dilapidated. Like a century so long, the woman stops, and she seemed to pierce my body; “NO! I cried”, no one could help me; I tangled my body. Now, my body is dirty and smelly, like the women’s mouth before; but her mouth is fresh now, I cleaned her with my body. Maybe she thought I’m old, maybe she is tired of me; she opens her mouth, and spilt me on the side walk. I stick on the rock. Well, I’m free now, but I’m not happy. There must be something missing, I’m losing something. Oh no, my family! I lost my family! They are still in the woman’s bag! I have to go back! I have to save them!


As I am realizing, a man steps on me. He shouts,” Dammit!” but he just keeps running quickly. I’m tired of escaping and screaming; so I’m just listening the man who steps on me screaming: “wait! Please wait for me! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! Please give me one more chance! I just notice that he is chasing the woman who bought me, and that woman bought all of the orbit family! I’m so lucky. Then I don’t think about how could I escape, I begin to think about how to get closer to that woman, and how to save my family.


The man chase the woman all the way to bathroom, I wants to cry, it really hurt me but there isn’t any sound came out. I stick on the wet floor. So disgusting, thought I. I’m been step again, but this time is the woman. I’m hurt but happy, because I could have more chance to save my family. The man walked closer, his face is closer to the woman. I saw the woman’s face is red; she must be hot, so I twist my body around and around, then she kicked the man’s feet, so flew with the shoe on the air and drop near the toilet; she rans quickly and stares at the man with a horror. She rans faster and faster, and the man chasing her faster.


Until they go as far as I can’t see them, my heart could really calm down. I start to pull myself off the shoe, I want to see my family as soon an possible; “Mom, dad! Where are you? Orbital?” I cried out. Where could they be? I’m in a horror. Then I heard a faint voice; “here, we are here!”, It’s Orbital’s voice!!!


I am so exited so I suddenly pulled my self-off the shoe and rolled toward to the coat. “Where are you?” ,I shouted. As I’m searching for the packaging, (Oh I forget to tell, Packaging is the most he is the most powerful person in the orbit family.) the bathroom’s door is suddenly open. Peng!!!!!! The women run into the bathroom and goes right toward me. “No!”, I know she is going to step on me again. And she smashes her feet on my body then quickly run away with her coat. So smelly, thought I: no one’s feet are as smelly as her. But I have to stop thinking about this. There is a more important thing that I have to do is to find my family. Whenever the woman’s left feet goes to the air, I shout: Where are you? Can you hear me? Then she steps on me.


Finally, I heard the familiar voice again. “Orbit! Orbit!”, the voice came from the pocket of the coat. “Hold on, guys! I–‘m–go-ing–to save you!!! But with a cool air blowing, the woman begins to put on her coat. I saw my family bumping, twirling and almost fly out of the pocket. They’re in a great danger now! At this time, the woman looked back, the man is no longer chasing her. She finally slowed her down, and she took a big breath. But at that moment, she is triple in a puddle stumbled. Blood came out of her head. I fly far away from the woman. Silence, only I could hear the sound of my family which is screaming:” Help me! Help me!”, but I can’t; I am stuck into the shoe and not even could been pull out, I’m one with the dirty soles. All I could do is to watch them Fall into the gutter.


They’re dead. They’re never coming back. For a few seconds, I can’t believe what had happened. Then everything became sad, everything became desolate. We can’t go back. We’re supposed to be the longest life candy in the world! Everything is gone, everything is over. That woman is dead, and no one will ever take her smelly shoes anymore. I would rather not live in this world alone. But I have to live with my family’s hope. The rain is falling, I fall asleep on the the middle of the road, because I have nothing to fear.

The weather turned gray and the ground was wet, just like I was in the mood.


“Well, this is my story.”, and I look at the glue beside me on the bottom of the shoe.


Plastic Repurpose-Roy, Jacob, Wumain, Kevin, Ryan

Plastic repurpose, our group is mainly dedicated to reusing plastic into more a eco friendly use. You can see the multiple products with plastic packaging, so since the plastic has been the main reason to pollution and global warming. We have reused these products into a more productive way to catch people’s attentions so you can know the importance of of just reusing a small amount of plastic can do to the world.

Roy Shaver-Life of a Popcorner

Kevin-The journey of Pringles


Wumian-The story of a sports drink

Jacob-Diet coke life cycle