Project Consume Exhibition

In Project Consume, students selected a consumer product to investigate. In their investigation they determined the chemical compounds and traced the origins of those ingredients. In tracing the origin, students located parts of the world that the compound is sourced from. Using the sustainability triangle, they examined and evaluated the impact of extracting that resource. Next, they investigated the rest of the product life cycle from production, to distribution, to consumption, to disposal and at each stage assessed the sustainability impact. They then used those understandings to inform others about factors to consider when making consumer choices shared through two main communication modes: a digital report on the research findings and sustainability impact, a creative short story about part of the life of the product.

For a glimpse of each student’s individual project work, please click here.

Inspired by how organisations, artists, and businesses communicate in the real world the exhibition for this project took a different form. Working in small groups, students used the design cycle to created an installation piece to attract the ISB community to engage with their information presented on this website.o increase the challenge level further, and to fit with our key theme of sustainability in this project students made their installations out of re-purposed materials! Some groups opted to create a landing page for all projects and created one QR code to access, other groups opted to create a different QR code for each project. The installations were on display in various locations around the ISB campus.

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