Ignite Week Express It East and West Calligraphy

In this East and West Calligraphy, I was a normal kid with no knowledge of calligraphy and what it is. I have been listening very carefully in class and was trying out all sorts of font designs. There were a lot of errors and remakes for the first few times. Then, I got to one font that I am sure that I will improve. I used my learnt knowledge to improve my font little by little. Until I got this good font done. And now, my font is practical and feasible.

Discovering Shakespeare

Theatre was always a big passion of mine but I didn’t know the skills or what it took to become a true actor. Each time I experienced drama, I’ve wondered how did these actors (or actresses) get to where they are now. I realized, every single actor goes through Shakespeare training. Learning Shakespeare is an art, to give you an understand of where all styles of drama originated. In this Ignite Week, I have learned the basic fundamentals of Shakespeare and his influences on us. As I explored this area, I began to understand the impact that Shakespeare has on theater. I learned how to communicate better with my cohorts, as well as collaborating and working together as one. If I could redo this week, to start new, I would defiantly have strived to be more confident when I act, for it has shown me how to speak up and express yourself.

Calligraphy: Exploration and Creation

Calligraphy was something I’ve always been interested in, and something I’ve pursued for a little while (with Chinese brush calligraphy). I wanted to explore more and different fonts while getting more exposure to English calligraphy and learning flourishes and such. I’ve learned a lot about both Eastern and Western calligraphy, learned to use a Western calligraphy pen, and studied more than 15 Chinese fonts.

If I was to do this again, I’d try out more new fonts and techniques so I’ll achieve a better final font in the end.


Ignite Theme Week: Express It! Feb. 20-24 Facilitator: Mr. Jiang & Mrs. Williams
Student Name: David Wang Grade: 8
Project Guiding Question: How can I use my knowledge of traditional fonts to design and create my own font(s)?  
Project Description  
Students will explore and practice traditional English and Chinese fonts to get inspired about the art of writing. Then they will use either handwriting (Myscriptfont) or computer (Fontstruct) way to create the original font(s) of their own.


L21 Target Area:  
 Problem Solving  
L21 Reflection:  

How did I grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project?


I solved problems and errors through doing this project. The website was glitchy and didn’t work at first, and we had to change the size of the paper, recalibrate or rewrite the fonts until it finally was compatible and managed to scan properly. Though this I’ve learned  and grown in the L21 focus area as it helped me practice my problem solving process.



What are some ways that this skill would be of value to me in the future?


Problem Solving would really be useful and valuable simply in everyday decision-making, and practicing the problem solving process is beneficial.




Print Making of The Superheroes

Printmaking: The shades of a Ship

I chose Printmaking for this Express It Week, one of the reason is because I wanted to learn something new and different in Visual Arts. It seemed really exciting!

I learnt a lot on this project, like equipment such as printing ink, the color you use for the stamp image, and the brayers, the rollie-things you use to spread the paint all over. Another big thing I learnt was when you wanted fulfill a space, negative or positive, you have to put in a lot of effort in your designs to attract your audiences.

My least successes were the color blending and the printing. If I were to do it again, something different I would consider to do would be taking time to print on more pieces of paper.

Font Exploration

I picked this Ignite project because I have always had an interest in font designing, but I lacked skill and experience, hence my choice to broaden and deepen my knowledge in this area. Through this week, I learned how to use a calligraphy pen and the names for different parts of a letter. I was also introduced to online sources that would assist me in creating a font, whether it is gaining inspiration, plotting pixels for each letter, or converting scanned templates into TTF files. If I could do this project again, I would take more time to explore and plan my final design.

FA Myth Busters Andy&Alex # Lets Boil Some Fizzy Drinks

I chose this project because we see people drinking fizzy drinks everyday in our lives but we don’t really know if the company’s are telling us the truth or not.

I learned that sometimes you cant come up with a solid conclusion and that as long as you support the reason why you cant come up with a solid conclusion it is still scientifically reasonable.

I will think over the experiment again to see how we could’ve tell the difference between the ingredients.

Moments of Life

I joined this ignite project because I thought it would be really awesome to carve into a board that can be used to print images. Overall, the process has been painful, but in the end it was all worth it. The images came out really nicely, although I did have to experiment with some color schemes.
When I was carving the linoleum, I felt at peace so calm because just carving away the blue in a straight line slowly was just so satisfying. I mean, what else is there to say? It just felt so good. I chose the infinite love picture to do as one of my carvings because it symbolizes the infinite love I have for all of my family, and most importantly my friends.
For the positive/negative space “super-poster”, I chose the sea-turtle with the Hawaiian flower on its back because I love Hawaii and the turtle symbolizes a few precious memories that I have of it. For the stamps I chose things of nature because I feel drawn to them, to the great outdoors. I chose a cool (as in “cold”) color pallet because I love the cold, I basically grew up to love windy, foggy, and always cold outdoors since I lived in San Francisco.
What I took away from this mini-project is that by doing some things you find out more about yourself and be more at peace.
…Deep breaths…

THE TREE – Episode 1

As a passionate reader of sci-fi and dystopian novels, I decided it would be interesting to work with 4 others to create a podcast, something I have never done before. We incorporated many of our interests, and not only did I learn how to use recording equipment, but also write a proper “play” of some sort. I was overall satisfied with the final product, but it could have “sounded” more professional with better editing, which I would learn to if I had the opportunity to do this project over again.





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