Moments of Life

I joined this ignite project because I thought it would be really awesome to carve into a board that can be used to print images. Overall, the process has been painful, but in the end it was all worth it. The images came out really nicely, although I did have to experiment with some color schemes.
When I was carving the linoleum, I felt at peace so calm because just carving away the blue in a straight line slowly was just so satisfying. I mean, what else is there to say? It just felt so good. I chose the infinite love picture to do as one of my carvings because it symbolizes the infinite love I have for all of my family, and most importantly my friends.
For the positive/negative space “super-poster”, I chose the sea-turtle with the Hawaiian flower on its back because I love Hawaii and the turtle symbolizes a few precious memories that I have of it. For the stamps I chose things of nature because I feel drawn to them, to the great outdoors. I chose a cool (as in “cold”) color pallet because I love the cold, I basically grew up to love windy, foggy, and always cold outdoors since I lived in San Francisco.
What I took away from this mini-project is that by doing some things you find out more about yourself and be more at peace.
…Deep breaths…

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