Calligraphy: Exploration and Creation

Calligraphy was something I’ve always been interested in, and something I’ve pursued for a little while (with Chinese brush calligraphy). I wanted to explore more and different fonts while getting more exposure to English calligraphy and learning flourishes and such. I’ve learned a lot about both Eastern and Western calligraphy, learned to use a Western calligraphy pen, and studied more than 15 Chinese fonts.

If I was to do this again, I’d try out more new fonts and techniques so I’ll achieve a better final font in the end.


Ignite Theme Week: Express It! Feb. 20-24 Facilitator: Mr. Jiang & Mrs. Williams
Student Name: David Wang Grade: 8
Project Guiding Question: How can I use my knowledge of traditional fonts to design and create my own font(s)?  
Project Description  
Students will explore and practice traditional English and Chinese fonts to get inspired about the art of writing. Then they will use either handwriting (Myscriptfont) or computer (Fontstruct) way to create the original font(s) of their own.


L21 Target Area:  
 Problem Solving  
L21 Reflection:  

How did I grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project?


I solved problems and errors through doing this project. The website was glitchy and didn’t work at first, and we had to change the size of the paper, recalibrate or rewrite the fonts until it finally was compatible and managed to scan properly. Though this I’ve learned  and grown in the L21 focus area as it helped me practice my problem solving process.



What are some ways that this skill would be of value to me in the future?


Problem Solving would really be useful and valuable simply in everyday decision-making, and practicing the problem solving process is beneficial.