Mythbusters:Cloth Chaos

It’s a common sight in movies to see characters pulling tablecloth from under a table. What bothers many is the fact that in the movies the many objects on the tablecloth aren’t moved hardly an inch. In this Mythbusters episode, Eric and Curtis cover the physics of the tablecloth pulling. Is table cloth pulling actually possible or is it just another myth to bust? Find out in the video below (Hint: It’s in the powerpoint).


I don’t know Font design

From all 9 projects, I chose this because I really thinks my handwriting needs improvement. But when I actually began this project, it was actually quite different from what i imagined. Though, my interest in computer program made me try the first font by computer and it turned out to be quite well designed. With all the time and effort I put in, I think this project is really meaningful to me. If I have the chance to choose again, I think the only other choice that might change my mind is song writing.

Here is the power point for the final exhibition. The text at the end was not recognized by the site so… ^_^


Printmaking: A World of Cats & The Lantern Tea

Why I picked this project, what I learned and what I’ll do differently:
I’ve always liked to do art, and printmaking is something I never have had any experience with but something that really interests me.During this week I learned how to do printmaking and create prints. I also learned lessons such as being a perfectionist is hard when you are doing printmaking, but also the beauty of this style of art.If I was to do this again (which I would like), I will speed up my working pace, and stop focusing on small details, which proves to become a troublemaker in printmaking.

Indian Zone – Jeffrey

My project was a project where I tried to make EDM music. In my project I had to learn how to use the software program called it Albeton. This was very difficult because the program is for professionals. I had to learn how to choose samples from a list, I had to program my base, snares and hi hat notes, I had to choose vocal samples and I chose ones that had an Indian sound to them, and I added some effects and transitions to make my music cool.

Keeping Paper Dry Under Water?!

I chose this Ignite Project because I wanted to try to bust myths by carrying out a scientific experiment. I learned that you can keep paper dry under water due to air pressure. Just put it in a glass, flip it upside down, and slowly submerge it under the water. The glass will start to fill with air and push the water away to keep the water from touching the paper towel. If I were to do this again, what I would try to do differently is to explain how the experiment worked in more detail by perhaps doing it with an example.

Theme making for Mythbusters

Through the duration of this Ignite Week, I made 6 projects. One of them was a personal song that I will not be sharing, three of them were potential themes for my friend in the Mythbusters (Please check out the Mythbusters if you haven’t already done so) [Note: Only #3 out of the three theme songs was used]. The last two projects were kind of like voiceovers of one of my favourite songs. The first one had the original artist and I singing, the second one was just me singing with the music.

The Mythbusters themes were only a combination loops and some piano notes I programmed. I had some trouble with these due to the loops sometimes not matching up, making it a lot more difficult. Eventually, I got all three of them done but 1 and 3 are the best.

Balloon Explosion

In this ignite week Glen Z and I carried out a set of scientific experiments to test that theory that black balloons are stronger than colored balloons. We learned that black balloons are stronger and how light & heat interacts with balloons. If I were to do it again I would redo the experiment with more detail. This is because we didn’t use as much data as we could have, we also didn’t control as many variables as we could have.

Warning Headphone Users

I decided to be in this ignite week because I wanted to make a fine music and influence people
During the ignite week, Mr. Moniz helped me a lot. He helped me on making a structure of the song and gave me some advices to improve my thing.
If I do this again, I want to use less samples. I would program my own chords to make my track sounds more unique.


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