Project Legacy

How do societies meet their needs?

How do external factors impact the adaptation of a species?


In this scenario based project, students worked in small groups to inquire into how a society meets its various needs. In their groups, students were challenged to select a settlement location based on environmental and geographic factors as well as considering the historical record about the rise and fall of civilizations. As investigation continued, students will consider how their society will meet its needs including a study of economic systems and trade. Additionally, students analyzed and evaluated genetic and environmental impacts on the survival of their population. To ensure their society leaves a lasting legacy, each group created a monument, presented to a live audience with a dramatic component. The monuments were displayed in a museum style, with spoken explanations recorded to help viewers understand key design elements and the accomplishments of their society.

In addition to the monuments, students also created a variety of different products over the course of the simulation. For instance, In Humanities each student created a settlement proposal for their region which used each geographic and historical evidence to support their location claims. As a team, they determined the available factors of production in their region. Using that data they created an economic development and trade plan (examples: Trade Plan – KoalafiedTrade Plan – Selva TropicalTrade Plan – Cocoa Trees)

If you didn’t get a chance to come to the exhibition, you can still access the museum materials! Please click on group name at the top of each photo or the links under their name to access their museum materials, including the audio tour.


The Eruptions

Cocoa Trees

Frozen Peak


Selva Tropical

The Moose

Links: one, two, three, four, five

White Plateautato

Links: one, two, three, four

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