FA garden

To raise awareness for Global warming, I decided to create a FA farm. I decided to pick this project because, a lot of people know that Global warming is important, but they do not really take care of it.

During this year book, I learned about using different instruments and tools. Also, I had to be very creative and be unique.

If i have a chance to do the same project next time, i would work with a partner or in a group, because i had really difficult time doing everything alone.



Upcycled Dog Toys

Why did you pick this Ignite project?

Arissa and I picked this Ignite project because we have a huge passion for dogs, and more importantly, we want to reduce our carbon emissions by upcycling old clothing to make dog toys.


What did you learn?

Through this project, we learned that we have to be thorough when looking for materials. Arissa and I also learned that making sure we have all the materials for our project is essential; if we are missing a material to our final product, then we wouldn’t be able to complete it. We also need to measure out everything and make a few tests to make sure our final products are perfect or good quality.


What would we do differently:

We would prepare materials ahead of time, make sure we are satisfied with our project and product, and make sure we have an organization to donate to.

Be Prepared – A Children’s Book On Emergency Situations

For my Ignite Week Personalize It Project, I wanted to impact young children and teach them a skill. I decided to write for this project, considering I am fairly comfortable in that area. After a bit of ups and downs, I created a children’s book called “Be Prepared”, that was designed to help young children understand what to do in emergency situations, medical and natural disaster reasons. I’ve read stories and heard news reports of children actually dying because they didn’t know what to do in the situations and I wanted to take away that possibility for the children that read my book. In the project, I learned how to use iBook Authors further, lower my wording choices to the point where children could understand, and also make the book safe for children to read (no gory pictures). If I were to do this project again, I would make sure I had planned it all out better. I kept changing my ideas throughout the process because things kept not working out. I would also edit the book a little better.

Guess the Theme

I picked this project because I love drawing, I can sit and draw for the whole day.I grew by seeking out for feedback and use them efficiently, asking myself questions looking at my artworks how can I make it better. My idea is feasible and challenging for me, I tried different types of drawing techniques. My drawing skills with makers improved, also sketching and Zen tangle. My biggest improvement is on my drawing speed, I used to need more than 4 hours to draw one picture, but now I only need 2-3 hours which is a lot faster. For my exhibition, I put a risk because I am using a new way, letting people comment by using sticky note instead of just showing.

Global Warming: What Can We Do?

Roy and I picked this ignite project because we had an interest in composing music and making videos. Roy has multiple previous projects on composition and I have experience with video editing, so we thought this project will be the best fit for us. From this project, we got to practice our video editing skills and composition skills which can help us in our future. If we had a chance to do this project again, we might add some first-hand video clips and pictures in our video.

<iframe src=”http://isbtube.isb.bj.edu.cn/media/embed?key=7a566c83d74178bc651e68cefbe78411&width=720&height=405&autoplay=false&autolightsoff=false&loop=false&chapters=false&related=false&responsive=false” width=”720″ height=”405″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”></iframe>

The Bird House For All Homeless Birds

My partner and I once saw a bird smashed on the floor by a motorcycle, because it was eating a bread on the road. We wanted to make bird feeders, while using wooden materials might give bird a longer and steadier place to have food. During the time at making the wood house, I learned how to use the sail to cut the wood, how can I sand it, how to nail them together, and how to use all these special machines. Those skills are really going to help me in the real life such as you can fix your thing by your own, and create stuff that are handmade, it could be really useful. If next time i would do this again, I would like to measure clearly the weight or length to make the birdhouse neat.

Chinese Fiction Writing 污染之源

What happened if an environmental issue and Chinese fiction are combined

For this Ignite project, I will be writing my own Chinese Xuanhuan fiction book, Creating my own characters and a unique storyline. The story’s dark side will reveal or imply a lot of serious environmental issue.

This is my first time ever to write a fiction book in Chinese and I always wants to do that since I am a big fan of Chinese fiction myself, and this project will be super challenging for me.

Here is my powerpoint.

Read my story

Edible Utensils (updated)

For my Ignite project, I made edible utensils. I picked this project because I feel like there is a need for environmental care. I learned many new skills throughout this project, like molding, 3d designs+3D printing, Baking, Cooking, Problem-solving and many other new skills. Is I had to do something differently, I would work on my cup earlier because I didn’t have a lot of time do work on my cup.

Upcycled Birdhouse

I picked this Ignite Project because I wanted to experience impacting on a small group, which was birds. This will also have an impact on bird life by providing food for them. A positive impact by demonstrating how we can upcycle and inspire other people to be kind to animals and the environment. I learnt that I should first make a detailed plan before starting the project. Next time what I would do differently is to collect more recycled paper or cartons of drinks in order to create a more vivid birdhouse.


A History of Historians

For this ignite week, I chose to write a research paper on famous historians that have changed the course of the study. I chose it because I have a strong interest in writing and researching, and it worked out cause it was really fun to write. I learned about the hardship of people, and what work goes into people’s passions. If I had a chance to do it differently, I would try and research different historians instead and try to bring out my message more.

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